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Cars Vs New York City with Negin Farsad

This week the road trip’s designated driver JC meets up with social justice comedian Negin Farsad to talk about New Yorks biggest enemy in the fight for a clean future. Private Cars.

10 Funny Things That Happened In Canada You Probably Missed

You’ve got funny neighbours, America

Russell Brand’s “Re:Birth” Is Exactly What We’ve Been Waiting For

He’s back and better than ever

Comedians React To Michael Cohen’s Prison Sentence

Thank you, next

How To Manage An eSports Team | Tales of Titans Ep 2

Greg moves into the Sorcerer team house, and is forced to deal with living with teenagers and the tyrannical rule of owner Tommy Squib.

Being Petty Is An Artistic Skill

A look into some of humanity’s most beautifully spiteful works of art

Insert The Curb Your Enthusiasm Theme Song In This Video

*Curb Your Enthusiasm theme song*

Pirate Impersonator Ghosted by Ghost Pirate Lover

Arrrr, no-longer-mateys

If Pikachu Was A True Detective - Mashup Parody Trailer

In a world where all franchises are getting a dark and gritty reboot, it was only time before everyone’s favorite electric rodent, Pikachu, went all D.C. Universe on us. But is a foul mouthed Pokémon capable of being a True Detective?

Is This The Greatest Mind Of Our Generation? | Our Fascinating Planet

Discover the man underneath the turtleneck.

I Was Excited For My Baby’s First Words Until He Blamed Me For Climate Change

Apparently he didn’t choose to be brought into a world with this much impending doom and that’s MY fault

Emirates In The Sky With Diamonds

Seems excessive but ok

Avengers: Endgame Trailer And Some Tweets That Made It Hurt Less

Even the teaser packs an emotional punch

The ‘Even Stevens’ When Shia LaBeouf Wished To Die For Hanukkah

Remember the ‘Even Stevens’ when Shia LaBeouf wished to die for Hanukkah? It was a very special episode.

Andy Samberg - the 2019 Golden Globes and Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6

January’s going to be a big month for Detective Peralta!

This Woman Heckled Louis CK And It Was Beautiful

One person deserved applause at Louis CK’s show and it wasn’t him

STEELing A Better World In Pittsburgh with JC Coccoli

Pittsburgh is known for many things, but soon it hopes to be known for it’s move towards renewable energy from the traditional industries of Coal and Natural Gas.

PETA Makes Profoundly Dumb Statement, Shocks No One

No one gets in the way of PETA’s agenda like PETA

Ellen DeGeneres Is Returning To Stand-Up


When You Quit Your Life To Become A Professional Gamer | Tales of Titans Ep 1

When eSports team Sorcerer suffers a humiliating loss in the Tales of Titans Winter Classic, they recruit a 33-year-old HR professional to join their squad.

This Alphabet Book Will Confuse You Even If You Know English Pretty Good

If we half to learn the ABCs, in order to reed and right, this alfabet book at least makes it phun.

This Fan-Made Shrek Movie Is A Straight Up Fever Dream

Do you love Shrek and also night terrors? Look no further

Friends Remains On Netflix, Armageddon Avoided

The beloved series is not going to be taken off Netflix but we still need to talk

Soon Your Kids Will Be Able To Watch Deadpool 2

The Merc with a Mouth is getting scrubbed a little cleaner

Otter Terror Strikes Vancouver

Crime has never been so cute and fuzzy

If Will Ferrell Was In Narcos (Mashup Parody)

The newest season of Netflix’s hit show "Narcos" is taking the drug war from Colombia to Mexico, but if the DEA thought Pablo Escobar was bad, they may not be able to handle Armando Alvarez (Will Ferrell).

Payless Scams the Rich, Teaches Us the True Meaning of Christmas

Swindling the wealthy elite is always fashionable

Jon Stewart’s Reversed Interview with Stephen Colbert

The Late Show flipped the script, just to keep us on our toes

Short and Sweet Comedy Sketches from Phil Jamesson

Delivering big laughs in little time

The ‘Full House’ When They Got Trapped In An Airport On Christmas

Remember the ‘Full House’ when they got trapped in an airport on Christmas? It was a very special episode.

Someone Named Their Child Abcde Because Truly These Are The End Times

It’s 2018 and anything goes

Pedal Boat To Freedom with Oscar Nunez

Are Pedal Boats the future of water travel? Probably not. Do they give you a sense of moral superiority? Oscar Nunez finds out!