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One of my personal favorite projects is back up for viewing pleasure edited

Not by Me, reuploaded because of the memes. edited

This was a collab I did with Gaming Cat last year, really proud of this one. Edited

Directed by Ivan Diaz music video, dante elephante, call me, on the phone

"Deadlift" by Henry Metal from album "Deadlift Cowboy" henry metal, deadlift

"Smooth Metal" by Henry Metal from "Deadlift Cowboy" album henry metal, smooth metal

A story about two normal men who did something incredible for a man in need. one away, a comedic short, sketch, comedy, nick major, tony vivio, steven bryan jackson, geoff plitt, improv

"Here Come the Injuns" by Henry Metal from "Deadlift Cowboy" album henry metal, here come the injuns, deadlift cowboy

Fabricators, Inc. is a family owned company that specializes in crafting bespoke lies just for you! Call today for your free consultation. sketch, sketchcomedy, infomercial, spemphansel, commercial, comedy, skit, fabricators

Marijuana is the ultimate gateway drug, despite being mostly harmless with medical benefits. The Cannabis Conspiracy is REAL. Our PSA exposes the truth behind cannabis and its dirty secrets. Munchies are just the beginning, as users find themse... marijuana, cannabis, conspiracy, PSA, parody, comedy, webseries, web series, Pillow Talk TV, Pillow Talk, weed, pot, smoking weed, mary jane, Momma's Green Machine, drugs

This is the world rarest dance seen on an unknown Island who's address and name no one knows... Never try to find it out #dance #laughter

It's all fun and games until your dog pranks back. They have teeth. dog, dogs, prank, prank gone wrong, puppy, animal, dog lover, dog owner, k9, animals, pets, growl, funny, lol, rofl, rotf, lmao, lmfao, comedy, hilarious, silly, parody, skit, sketch, improv, improvisation, fail, movies, tv, film, television, actor, acting

I Love Your Vagina (But I Don't Love You) by Chris Wauben Available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play Store and more:) For More info Visit: I love your vagina but I dont love you, chris wauben, vagina, hit song, dance music, sexy girl, hot girls, girls gone wild

Great shakes, it's YATZEE! (C)1986, 2018 Hasbro. Property of Hasbro Studios. great shakes it's yatzee

A game show based loosely on the Hasbro game. great shakes it's yatzee

a fascinating "Documentary" about a man convinced everything that has gone wrong in his life can be pinpointed back to the exact moment he sold his 1994 Corolla Sprinter. Australian, mockumentary, Corolla, 1994, Car, Dude

Poems for children includes poems for kids, famous children poems and poems by kids. Kids Poem, Naughty Girl, Kids Rhymes, Nitya

Acclaimed actor Willem Dafoe sits down to discuss the contents of his IMDb page to see just how much of his career he actually remembers. IMDb Me, Willem Dafoe, IMDb, Credits, Film Credits, Actor, The Florida Project, Fantastic Mr. Fox, Platoon, Daybreakers, Antichrist, Manderlay, John Carter, xXx: State of the Union, Spider-Man, Shadow of the Vampire, Speed 2: Cruise Control, Wild at Heart, Cry-Baby, To Live and Die in L.A., Heaven's Gate

Remember the 'Smart Guy' when T.J. met a pedophile on the internet while buying bootleg computer games? It was a very special episode. A Very Special Episode, Smart Guy, pedophile, child molester, Child Abuse, Sitcom, 90's, Social Issues

B'Kem - M.I.A (Official Music Video) B'Kem - M.I.A (Official Music Video)

Roland & The Roots Riddim in Concert! {Roland Kemokai} Roland Kemokai

Prank Call To Walmart : Convinces Employee An Old Lady Is Being Made To Buy A Bully Items Somewhere In The Store from Dysfunctional Podcast walmart, prank, dysfunctional, dysfunctional podcast, no filter paul, opie and anthony, shane coyle