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A flirty woman creeps out an Air Force captain. antiwar, peace, activism

"Good news, Mrs. Ryan! Only three of your four sons are dead!" antiwar, peace

A young female soldier doesn't mind blowing up civilians, she just doesn't want to get their blood and guts in her hair. antiwar

An Arab and an American randomly meet in the desert and decide not to fight each other—despite phone calls from “important people higher up” suggesting that they do so. antiwar

Mrs. Cavanaugh’s son Eddie is going to be a hero! A dead one, but hey...details, details. antiwar, activism, peace

A bunch of severely wounded soldiers are okay with their injuries because it was “for our country.” antiwar

6-year-old Joey’s parents want him to grow up to be a soldier, and kill people. But he's not so sure about that. antiwar, smart kids, peace

The women of egos waitlist for Mean Girls on Broadway but the daddies have once again taken over. Daddies

Spice Adams' Reaction To MonoNeon's Song, "Hot Cheetos" funny, dance, guitar, love, songs, singing, america, comedy, drums, computer, real life, internet, 2018, water, memes

Humanity is at war with the karameans: violent human mutants. The crew of the starship "Odysseus" struggle under the command of Captain Drageur, who is half-karamean herself. After a deadly encounter on the karamean homeworld, the crew are fac... The, Vancouver, Movie, Factory, Canada, improvisation, skit, comedy, Self, Help, viral, Sketch, Comedy, funny, fun, ok, famous, cute, adorable, Humor, play, Comedian, hilarious, hysterical, Surprise, Grace, Super, Girls, incredible, Cool, Amazing, Crazy, Best, Great, Wow, Actress, Insane, Makeup, Fantastic, Extreme, how, to, Skills, Staring, Flowers, Jimi, Stewart, scary, scare, screem, bikini, Jimi Stewart, godzilla, ghost, found, footage, Harlem Shake, Harlem, Shake, bc, gopro, hero, Odyssey, Odysseus

Rare live video from a recording session of the Beatles "White Album" Beatles, The Beatles, Happiness Is A Warm Gun, music video, music

A friend of mine works for the government and said Pauly you have to hear this. It's crazy what Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un were saying to each other. Oh my God they're wild! They're going to be like the new Starsky and Hutch! Trump, Kim Jong Un, Nuclear War, War, Peace, Re-Election, 2020, Hillary Clinton, George Bush, Barack Obama, White House, Funny or Die, Pauly Shore, Donald Trump, North Korea, South Korea, Comedy, Showtime, ADR, Dialogue, Funny, Facebook, Instagram

A commercial parody about Game of Thrones withdrawal starring: Michelle Lebo, Alison Yates, Jackson Adams, Sam K Nicolas, Carly-Ann Giene, and Zach Clossin. Written by Zach Clossin and Michelle Lebo Directed and Edited by Zach Clossin Mus... Game of Thrones, Comedy, Funny, improv, parody, Thrones, Game, Michelle Lebo, Alison Yates, Carly-Ann Giene, Jackson Adams, Zach Clossin, Sam K Nicolas, Groundlings, UCB, Upright Citizens Brigade, Second City, SNL, digital short, drug, medication, commercial, Imitation Media stand up comedy

When Snapchat filters go bad... sketch comedy, snapchat, shiftwork, because the internet, filters, funny faces, horror, cupcakes, short, London, UK, social media, old school r&b, rnb, big eyes

"Cuisines of New Orleans" #sketchysatireday Thank you as always to our Goonz Gal, Danielle Campbell for helping us with shooting and writing! "Acid Trumpet" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0... New Orleans, French Quarter, Ghost, Ghost Tours, Food, Food Network, Fast Food, Popeyes, Popeyes Chicken, New Orleans Food, New Orleans Culture, Mardi Gras, Jazz, Jazz Music, New Orleans Jazz

This is redickerous... jokes, pets, dogs, cats, comedy, rory balls, animals

Golf is a sport, no matter how old its athletes are. Here are a handful of excuses to divert attention from your lousy shot. golf, tigerwoods, happygilmour, rorygardiner

In the summer of 2020, when it rains, it pours... indiana, jones, 5, tape, golden, shower, showers, golden showers, golden shower, steven, spielberg, george lucas, parody, satire, pitch, metting, russia, russian

Slime making goes terribly wrong for Maya in the beloved 1950's sitcom, "That's Our Maya." Well...there was no beloved sitcom. That was a lie... but I'm not sorry about it. funny kids, 1950s parody, 1950s sitcom, slime, obnoxious child actor

The obnoxious little girl version of "Dennis The Menace" strikes again! Maya bumbles her way through a lemonade and egg sandwich stand. Big laughs with this ridiculous 1950's sitcom parody. 1950s parody, Dennis the Menace, funny kids, 1950s sitcom

Maya finds out about an audition for her favorite Broadway musical, Happy Slappy Summer, and she's determined to get the part. With the unwilling help of a few friends and her brother, she gets her chance - but she can't sing or dance! Lots of... 1950s parody, Dennis The Menace, Funny kids