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Blackpool Pleasure Beach blackpool, blackpool pleasure beach, lancashire, forfar

Central Pier Blackpool Blackpool

Blackpool Beach blackpool beach, blackpool, lancashire, england, forfar

Blackpool Tower blackpool, tower, england, forfar

Marton Mere Blackpool Haven, Marton Mere, Blackpool, England, Forfar

The internet is overrun with dumb headlines and thumbnails that talk down to us, don't make any sense, or are just plain lazy. So we troll them. LeBron James, Meghan Markle, sports, food, headlines, internet

Here's some silly birthday cards and other cards I made! ENJOY! birthday cards, 2018, steven bucky butler, Steven Bucky Butler, Bucky Talk, bucky talk, bucky butler, Bucky Butler, moviebob, bulls, bullfight, bullshit, kings, cartoons, brothers, moviereviews, silly, funny, awesome, birthday, thank you card, get well card, grandma, dad, sister, family, mom, mother, father, cousins, cousin, Shane Lubecker, mark, Mark, teacher and student, students, teachers, school, improv, comedy, Robin Williams, JonTron, internet stars, movie stars, MST3K, mystery science theater 3000, goofy, disney, Disney, street fighter, fighter, Hulk Hogan, Rocky, Burger King, it's good to be the king

Scott Pruitt has spent a total of over $4.6 million on "security" already. So like, Scott, like, what's in your bag? Scott Pruitt, Politics, environment

The internet is overrun with dumb headlines and thumbnails that talk down to us, don't make any sense, or are just plain lazy. So we trolled them. dumb headlines, internet headlines, troll, trolling

A glimpse of the new comedy pilot Redneck Weddings comedy, series, entertainment

Actress nicky, kids, polish, irish

I was cleaning out my Dad's attic and found these old pictures. Some of them I drew. Anyway if you are wondering why this is on Funny Or Die? Good question, because I don't know either other than I wanted a place to save these photos. ENJOY! retro, photos, real life, pictures, doodles, stick figures, drawings, attic, junk, childhood memories, why is this on funny or die, Bucky Talk, bucky talk, Steven Bucky Butler, bucky butler, steven bucky butler, Bucky Butler, goofy, Disney, KFC, mountain dew, Toys R Us, toys, zoo, best friends, BFFs, BFF, friends, childhood friends, cleaning, spring cleaning, memories, awesome, troll, punked, why, random, random photos, old pictures, 1991, 90's, 1990's, 2000, 2002, fat kid, Chicago, chicago, animals, dogs, anime, cartoons, cartoon, toons, green, nature, red, crappy pictures, crap, Nintendo, video games, games, marvel comics, Marvel Comics, superheroes, the hulk, The Hulk, seahorse, turtles, lions, zebras, the lion king, wreck-it ralph, wwe, WWE, TNA, tna, TNA Wrestling, tna wrestling, wrestling, toys r us, toy, boys, boy, young men, young man, young, wild, wild and young, old

Tealing Earth House Tealing, Inveraldie, Forfar, TealingEarthHouse

These GIFs will posterize you. gifs, goofs, basketball, nba finals

Birnam Dunkeld in Scotland birnam, dunkeld, birnamgarden, scotland, birnamoak

Dundee In Scotland dundee, scotland, forfar

Carnoustie Beach Park carnoustie, forfar, scotland, dundee

Stonehaven Beach in Scotland stonehaven beach, scotland, stonehaven

Stonehaven Open Air Pool in Scotland stonehaven, stonehaven open air pool, stonehaven outdoor pool, scotland, forfar

Trochry Garden trochry, dunkeld, birnam, scotland

The Obamas just signed a multi-year deal to make content for Netflix. Here's what we want to see most. Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, President of The United States of America, Netflix, Movies, TV Shows