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The daring take the mic out of the stand move. Charlie Currie, comedian Charlie Currie

The final of the Canadian Funniest New Comic at The Royal York in Toronto, Ontario, Canada 1992 Charlie Currie, comedian, stand-up comic Charlie Currie

Charlie Currie doing stand-up at The Rivoli in Toronto, Ontario, Canada Charlie Currie comedian, stand-up comic Charlie Currie

Niagara Falls Comedy Festival Charlie Currie comedian, stand-up comedy, world's smallest minority Charlie Currie

Charlie Currie's head Charlie Currie, comedian, Charlie Currie stand-up comedy

... or Animal House? kelly, president, trump, animal house, white house, parody, satire, funny

These leaks have got to stop. Respect the office. trump, rebuttal, memo, classified, redacted, the layoff kids, democrats

Just a still from my filly $300 garage film. Ginger, theginger, superhero, indiefilm, redhair, redhairdontcare, ginge, firecrotch, indiemovie, cultfilm, cosplay, Comic-Con, ComicCon, freckles

Let's get physical! president, trump, exercise, parody, funny, satire

... is on you president, trump, joke, parody, funny, satire, cardinal, ryan

... now president, trump, stock market, parody, funny, satire

not mine but i like him :) marywakanyiwaweru, mary waweru, mary wakanyi, dog, doggy, lovely dog, dog in love, love and dog

Conspiracy intensifies russians did it, conspiracy, paranoia

Distracted president trump, us army, parade, meme, politics

Read the memo Donald Trump does NOT want you to see. This will certainly be the end of this administration. Trump, Memo, James Hesky, Mikey Gleason, Darryl Charles, Politics

I solved the lesbian dating app paradox. With CATch, I created a simple algorithm that matches singles based on choosing the same adoptable homeless cat. Just “paw” right when you find a lonely feline you’d like to give a loving home, and bam ... Dating, Tech, Apps, LGBT, Lesbians, Cats

Cadet Bone Spurs Honors Himself president, trump, parade, parody, satire, funny

Might there be a real nuclear war between the US and North Korea? US, North Korea, nuke, nuclear, poll

Because why not. Meme, Star Citizen, Freelancer, Chris Roberts, Roberts Studios, Earth, Funny, Humor, LOL, #OccupyMars

Buyer's Remorse president, trump, voter, parody, satire, funny

Yuge president, trump, tax, tax cut, parody, satire, funny

Keeping him in the dark president, trump, parade, parody, funny, satire