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Ive had many chocolate covered almonds, but yogurt almonds ? I don’t think I had even heard of yogurt coated almonds until I got the CENTRAL ROAST YOGURT ALMONDS . I had tried other CENTRAL ROAST products, chocolate varieties, and liked them a lo... CENTRAL ROAST YOGURT ALMONDS REVIEW VIDEO, food, chooclate, yogurt, meme, memes, funny, viral

It's the World Cup And I'm Horny world cup, soccer, sports, hottest soccer players, hot soccer players

XXelp is the best resource to find out what your fellow drinkers think of the amazing taste and smoothness of Ocho Equis, the beer so nice they Equis'd it twice eight times. Dos Equis

You would be right to think that hazelnut milk chocolate is one of the most common varieties of chocolate , and so why bother review one ? Well CARNABY SWEET is a Canadian brand and their line of chocolate bars is new-ish so im excited to try the... CARNABY SWEET HAZELNUT MILK CHOCOLATE REVIEW VIDEO, food, chocolate, foodie, meme, memes

Here are some Funny, Sarcastic, Birthday Quotes and Wishes For year 2018 Birthday Quotes

I like and enjoy trying Asian snacks. I find them to be exotic and exciting . CALBEE is a well known Japanese brand that I have always enjoyed since discovering it. I like tomatoes in real life and as a flavour in salty snacks. I just had to try t... CALBEE LENTIL SNAPS Tomato Basil REVIEW VIDEO, asian, asia, japan, japanese, food, foodie, funny

Today PN Studios brings you Nerf Gun Game: BETA VERSION (Nerf Meets Call of Duty)! Nerf Gun Game is a first person shooter series based off Call of Duty. First person to 12 kills wins (120 Points). This video is a first beta version in Nerf Gun... Nerf, nerf video, gun, game, gaming, Nerf War Movie, nerf war, nerf gun, arsenal, beta version, Black Ops 3, Nerf Fortnite, pn studios, nerf warfare, gun game, nerf ops, nerf war call of duty, nerf meets call of duty, fps, fortnite, Nerf Call of Duty, nerf war gun game, first person shooter, Nerf First Person Shooter, nerf fps, Nerf Gun Game, nerf arsenal, nerf mod, nerf blaster, nerf gun mod, Nerf COD, call of duty, pnstudios, Nerf Trick Shots, family friendly, nerf battle

ft Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton nerf, nerf war, first person shooter, First Person Shooter 4, nerf gun game, Hillary Clinton, nerf squad, nerf first person shooter, nerf third person shooter, nerf fps, nerf gun, nerf video, Donald Trump, nerf zombies, nerf mod, nerf blaster, nerf gun mod, pdk films, pn studios, nerf arsenal, pnstudios, nerf war 4, nerf guns, nerf vulcan, nerf battle, nerf wars, nerf elite, gun, fps, fps gaming, nerf rival, gun game, game, family friendly, video game, nerf gun video

Who said the U.S. and Mexico couldn't get along?! Taco Bell, KFC, diplomacy, Donald Trump, Mexico

We shouldn't be so quick to judge. tattoos, tattooed men, stereotypes

A roundup of the funniest dad tweets on the web father's day, dad jokes, tweets, funniest tweets

In the quest to meet the extremely high bar set in 2010 by Vuvuzelas for making more obnoxious World Cup noise than one's own hands, Russia has introduced the wooden "Spoons Of Victory." And honestly? They're just as lame as they sound. world cup, soccer, futbol, sports, vuvuzela, spoons of victory

I love chocolate covered almonds. I also love dark chocolate. I have previously tried other CENTRAL ROAST products and liked them a lot. This time I decided to try the CENTRAL ROAST DARK CHOCOLATE ALMONDS. Most of them are big in size and have a ... CENTRAL ROAST DARK CHOCOLATE ALMONDS REVIEW VIDEO, food, chocolate, dark chocolate, funny, viral, meme, memes, foodie

Here's a dream project I would love to work on if I ever had a writing gig at Marvel Comics. It's a new take on one of their lesser known characters from the 1970's that's basically forgotten. skull the slayer, skull, plot summary, plot info, funny, parody, superhero parody, superhero comics, comic book superheroes, steven bucky butler, bucky talk, bucky butler, Bucky Talk, Bucky Butler, Steven Bucky Butler, plus size models, supermodels, Deadpool, deadpool, xmen, x-men, X-Men, Stan Lee, stan lee, jack kirby, Jack Kirby, comic books, comics, remake, breaking bad, Breaking Bad, Walter White, walter white, epic, cable, Cable, 1970, 1970's, retro, nostalgia, nostalgic, old school, breaking the fourth wall, meta, meta humor, insane, crazy, madman, madmen, 1990, 1990's, 90's, 70's, marvel comics, Marvel Comics, DC Comics, dc comics, batman, superman, aquaman, the hulk, thor, dream project, goals, writing job, comic book writer, writers, writing gig, awesome, silly, silly superheroes, super dudes, bbw, fat girls, models, weird

I love trying snacks from around the world. There is a brand of savoury snacks here in Canada from Japan called CALBEE. I got their LENTIL SNAPS ONION THYME lentil crisps. These are brown in colour and look like wood coloured marijuana joints l... CALBEE LENTIL SNAPS ONION THYME REVIEW VIDEO, food, foodie, japan, japanese, asia, asian, funny, viral, mukbang

Ive had FRUIT & NUT chocolate variety before and enjoy it a lot actually. I had never had the CARNABY SWEET FRUIT & NUT milk chocolate bar before. CARNABY SWEET is a Canadian brand exclusive to SHOPPERS DRUG MART and I just had to try their FRUIT ... CARNABY SWEET FRUIT & NUT milk chocolate bar REVIEW VIDEO, food, foodie, foodies, chocolate, canada, canadian

One of the strangest meetings in American history trump, kim jong un, internet reactions

Do you have 14 minutes to spare to hear a story about a bird? 13 of the most ridiculous things from this week's 'Fear The Walking Dead' mid-season finale S04E08 "No One's Gone" fear the walking dead s04e08, ridiculous, fear the walking dead, no one's gone, madison, madison dies, madison death, nick, morgan, alicia, al, tap, amina, tape

I love chocolate and coconut as a combination. BOUNTY has always been one of my favourite bars. In Canada we don’t get MOUNDS. BOUNTY is made by the MARS GLOBAL INC, same company that makes m&m’s , the MARS bar and many more treats. MOUNDS is mad... VERSUS : BOUNTY DARK CHOCOLATE COCONUT versus MOUNDS, funny, chocolate, coocnut, meme, memes, viral

Sometimes, life gets in the way of having a good time. And most of those times the real reason is BO.RING. Delayed trains? Dog ate your keys? We heard it all before. Dos Equis

Anthony Bourdain was influential beyond the culinary world. anthony bourdain