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Fortnite is one of those games out there that are continuously growing in size and amount of users for its database. You might think you are a pro in the game, but did you know about these handy dandy tricks? 1. Build with wood when you are in... fortnite

This is a true story of how a date can really go wrong. reading, stories, funny, humor

The artworks printed on the packing boxes play a vital role in the success of any product nowadays because the thinking of the modernized customers are changed a lot as compared to the ones a few decades ago. Beautiful Artworks Printed On the Packaging, Artworks, Artworks Printing, flexography

We paired up with Botnik to use a predictive text algorithm to figure out the best romantic comedies on Netflix to chill with. botnik, rom coms, netflix, romantic comedies, sex, pitch

Jessica Biel, Chelsea Handler and Rob Huebel get sex positive in these hilarious videos. Chelsea Handler, Jessica Biel, Rob Huebel, Funny Or Die, NSFW, Sex

A strictly physical musing at one of America's most massive presidents. Just look at the size of this guy. presidents, usa, chester, arthur, analysis

MALTESERS milk chocolate malt ball REVIEW VIDEO MALTESERS milk chocolate malt ball REVIEW VIDEO, chocolate, milk chocolate, maltesers, funny, viral, videos, video, food, foodies, foodie, food porn

SNICKERS & HAZELNUT chocolate bar REVIEW VIDEO SNICKERS & HAZELNUT chocolate bar REVIEW VIDEO, food, foodie, funny, viral, chocolate, videos

Since 3.3 million BCE the penis has been fossilized, carved, painted, filmed and photocopied...Come now on journey into the fascinating origins of the dick pick. Dick, dick pic, cock, balls, cock and balls, penis, penis sculpture, history, history of the dick pick, france, film, first film, first fax, first photocopy, first email, first text, Caravaggio, France, Italian sculptors, The Lumiere brothers, Brett Favre, Anthony Weiner, 17 foot-long dick sculpture, Neil Papworth, Moses, Rome, Pittsburgh, Depardieu, Napoleon, Russia, Cambridge, Brooklyn, London, New York, Nostradamus, Ray Tomlinson, Emperor Keiju, Japan, Penis Fesitval, moses, bronze age, neolithic man, Lucy, Iraq, fertile crescent, gutenberg, shiksa, Kanamara Matsuri, Lascaux Caves, bull dick, bronzed dick funny video of many to make you laugh at awesome comedy! Sexy R&B hip hop music video site url makeuprevolution, freedompalette, freedomcosmetics, inglot, asian, cute, valentines, valentine'sday, eyeliner, eyes, eye, lips, liquidlipstick, enjoy, love, city, hochiminh, saigon, lauralee, jeffreystar, manymua, patrickstarr, jacklynhill, anatasiabeverlyhills, urbandecay, mac, cosmetics, nyx, girl, vietgirl, vietnamese, vietnam, mua, cogai, trangdiem, sharing, vlogger, guru, beauty blogger, lipstick

FOOD MASH UP : CHOCOLATE CREME OREO with MAYNARDS SOUR CHERRY BLASTERS gummy candy FOOD MASH UP : CHOCOLATE CREME OREO with MAYNARDS SOUR CHERRY BLASTERS gummy candy, food, foodie, oreo, maynards, food mash up, my oreo creation, candy, funny

HYDROX cookies REVIEW VIDEO HYDROX cookies REVIEW VIDEO, food, foodie, food porn, hydrox, cookies, funny, viral, oreo

Mr. Perfecto Meets His Valentine's Match In Miss Perfectia matchmaking, romance, perfection, online dating

At a Best Western in Iowa. gross, nasty, hotels, filth, germs, flight attendants, travel, wtf

Written for my final Second City Online Writing Satire class. Casey Smith, Casey Jay Smith,, The New York Times, Shouts & Murmurs, rejected pieces, The Second City, satire, Trump, Donald Trump, Drumpf, comedy, clowns, funny, The New Yorker, The President

Go to hell, Blitzen! These ain’t your mom’s Santa’s reindeer! Reindeer, Chistmas, Kick-ass

Are you sad? Well now there's a solution! photoshop, happiness, smile, antidepressants, Cropping

A thank you letter to Doritos for their new product for women: Lady Chips! doritos, lady chips, lady doritos, female products, bic for her, gender, chips, misogyny, patriarchy, products, women, sexism

We threw a killer party yesterday with a little help from Avocados From Mexico and a whole lot of guacamole. Here are some highlights. avocados, big game, guacamole, avocados from mexico, football

HERSHEY WHOPPERS malted milk chocolate candy REVIEW VIDEO HERSHEY WHOPPERS malted milk chocolate candy REVIEW VIDEO, food, foodie, funny, chocolate, whoppers, hershey, hersheys, youtuber, youtubers

MILKY WAY chocolate bar REVIEW VIDEO MILKY WAY chocolate bar REVIEW VIDEO, food, foodie, chocolate, foodfunny, viral, food porn, youtubers, youtuber, milkyway, milky way

FOOD MASH UP : STRAWBERRY MILKSHAKE OREO with DAIM FOOD MASH UP : STRAWBERRY MILKSHAKE OREO with DAIM, food, foodie, oreo, daim, chocolate, viral, funny, youtubers, youtuber