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Trump supporter spends hours everyday at his local library trying to shut down what he calls "liberal horseshit." funny or die, two ferns, zach galifianakis, Trump, liberals, funny, mountain dew, horseshit

CODE RED: The robots are coming for us. They have demonstrated they can find the most stealthily among us, and we are most obviously next. We cannot run. We cannot hide. robots, waldo, where's waldo, automation, engineering, technology

A new pro baseball league ;-) . ( -: This as a video game a! ;-) Baseball, Sports, Real life, Video Game, States, USA, Stadiums, Pro, All-State, ABL, Coming Soon, Video games, Xbox, Sony, Sega, Nintendo, Atari

Last week I finally got my dream interview with Snots, the famous Rottweiler from the 1989 classic, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. Snots, who goes by Snotty nowadays, was kind enough to meet up with me in a local dog park just outside of Y... National Lampoon, Christmas, Christmas Vacation, Snots, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Chevy Chase, Interview, News Article

Dove Chocolates are famous for their inspirational wrappers. I highly recommend that you DO NOT follow their advice. It ruined my life. Dove Chocolates, Inspirational, Opossum, Ted Danson, New Article, Near Death Experience, Midlife Crisis

On January 13th, 2018 Hawaii faced an unfortunate nuclear missile alert that lasted an entire 38 minutes. It was a false alarm and a bunch of people shit their pants. Here is a list of the albums you could have listened to, in their entirety, duri... Hawaii, Islands, Nuclear War, January, Music, Rock Music, Weezer, Pixies, The Strokes, Marvin Gaye, The Ramones, Bob Dylan, False Alarm, Records

I tried to buy Marlboro Menthol Lights for my wife but I couldn't clearly say the order. midlife crisis, new blog, blog, cigarettes, Marlboro Menthol Lights, real life, marriage, gas stations, hospital, pathetic piece of shit

Skeletal fragments found in hundreds of Wonka Bars believed to be pieces of missing child, Augustus Gloop. Willy Wonka, Augustus Gloop, Candy, Chocolate, Wonka, Breaking News, News, Mystery, Articles, New

The Tubey Awards are here and egos are running high. Todd (John Michael Higgins) tries to console his pimple popper daughter Maddisyn after her attempt to become a music star fails, meanwhile Zayden Ostin Storm finds his social experiments can’t d... Tween Fest, Comedy, Parody, Social Media, Funny or Die, Web Series, John Michael Higgins, Joey King, Arden Cho, Drew Tarver

3 T.V. Show ideas. TV, Movies, Films, Shows, Flicks, LA, NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, HBO, MAX, Showtime, Hulu, Netflix, PBS, Indie, Pitch, Outline, Drugs, Rock, TV shows, Series, USA, TNT, NBCU, Lionsgate, Pop

Nothing better than seeing one of the worst men in America get roasted Stephen mIller, twitter

My mother-in-law brought over her dumbass chihuahuas to my house. Midlife Crisis, Chihuahuas, Blog, True Story, Family, Brand New, Chapter 1, Please Help, Real Life

These are just a few of my favorite activities humor, column, article, satire, not really, funny, america, pastimes, tradition, favorites, cool


Happy International Cat Day to our furry overlords cats, twitter, funniest tweets

Humorist John Sammon skewers Donald Trump using the brutal logic of a child. Oh Don Once Again, President Donald Trump, Donald Trump political satire, Political humor book

The world's first festival for social media stars is here and the festival director Todd Crawford (John Michael Higgins) is looking to take his his daughter Maddisyn (Joey King) to the next level. Tween Fest Begins! Tween Fest, Comedy, Parody, Social Media, Funny or Die, Web Series, John Michael Higgins, Joey King, Arden Cho, Drew Tarver

Kim Kardashian released a super weird photo of herself in her underwear and a pair of Yeezy sneakers, so the internet fixed it for us! Kim Kardashian, memes, photoshop

When someone pretending to be a New Jersey lottery winner told me he wanted to give me $60,000, I decided it was time to make $60,000. Or at least a new friend. scam, instagram

He's bipolar but can't create shit. What a shame. mental illness, art, bipolar

Get the most out of your trips with these tips. travel

Watch this hilarious clip from last night's episode of 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' to find out what month it is. jimmy kimmel, the jimmy Kimmel show, late night