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Warning: This Debate Gets Pretty Reheated

Beeeep. That sweet ding of the microwave means your lab-grown diamonds are ready!

I don’t know about you, but I like my diamonds made the same way I make my microwave dinners, said literally nobody ever. That’s because much like how a frozen TV entrée tastes fine, but is nothing close to a home-cooked meal, lab-grown diamonds are not identical to natural diamonds. Their origin is the primary difference, and the growth patterns from the artificial production process (talking about you, Microwave) are easily detected by jewelers with the right equipment.

Lab-Grown Diamond is here to convince a Natural Diamond he’s just as unique and real as the original thing. Good luck...

When you buy a natural diamond, you know that you’re getting something 100% authentic, unique, and that increases in value in time. And, that those qualities are what represent your relationship to the person you’re buying it for.