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July 06, 2015

Find out what happened to some of the biggest robot stars of the 80's.


Johnny 5

After bursting onto the scene in Short Circuit, Johnny 5 had a much hyped, but short-lived career in Hollywood. Following a string of failed romcoms in the late 90’s, Johnny retired from the business and now works as a receipt checker at Costco in Pasadena. In his free time he records a moderately successful podcast out of his shed with the dad from Family Matters.



When Small Wonder was canceled in 1987,everyone’s favorite girl robot was looking forward to stepping out of the spotlight and getting back to being a kid. Unfortunately her onscreen brother, Jamie had something else in mind and acquired Vici from the show’s producers. After several tumultuous years of marriage and a lengthy legal battle Vici was emancipated from Jamie in 1995. She went on to receive her GED and eventually graduate from Rutgers University with a degree in Anthropology and a minor in art history. Vici now resides in Cambridge, Massachusetts where she works as an adjunct professor at a local community college.


Fix Its

The Fix Its of 1987’s Batteries Not Included, also known as “The Bot Pack” were hard partiers and a fixture on the Hollywood social scene throughout the 80’s. While shooting the sequel to Full Metal Jacket, the Fix Its were napping in a box on set when an unpaid intern inadvertently threw them away. As of the time of this publication their whereabouts are unknown.



The road post Knight Rider was anything but smooth for the 1982 Pontiac Trans Am, KITT. When the series was canceled, the once close relationship between KITT and co-star David Hasselhoff became strained, leading Hasselhoff to sell KITT to a college student who converted him to Biodiesel. KITT continued to try out for roles in other Hollywood films like Batman and Back to the Future, but never made it back onscreen. During the 90’s and 2000’s KITT was in and out of rehab, eventually getting clean in 2008. KITT went on to spearhead a successful Kickstarter campaign to remake Knight Rider with Zac Efron and is now an executive producer on the popular reboot.



Making a name for himself in 1987 with his self-titled film, Robocop went on to be one of the most eligible bachelors of his generation. He was a mainstay at the Playboy mansion and linked to such starlets as Demi Moore and Bea Arthur. After many years of rumors and speculation Robocop came out of the closet in 2008 with a cover story in Out Magazine. Robocop now resides in San Francisco with his husband Roger, their daughter Sophie and a micro pig named Paul.



Having spent the better part of her acting career as the robot maid of the Jetson family, Rosey had a hard time finding work once the show went off the air. Sick of being typecast, she moved away from Hollywood to reinvent herself before remerging back on the scene in the 2011 film, Winter’s Bone, under the pseudonym, Jennifer Lawrence.