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Ant Rawls

Stand up comedy

Ant Rawls traces his comedy beginnings to his boyhood in North Carolina. In grade school he would crack jokes in the hall to everyone that walked by. Ant Rawls grew up from a broken home his mother was a alcoholic now she's a minister his father wasn't around because of jail time. Ant Rawls Grandfather who is Wille X who help one of the greatest civil rights activist Malcolm X build Temple 25 in Newark NJ he was part of his security team. Ant Rawls used to play football he quit his high school football team freshman year to work at a local restaurant Skids Drive football was his first love as a child. Ant Rawls dropped out of high school his senior year due to personal reasons. Ant Rawls new it was more to life then the streets him and his friends new he had the gift to make people laugh at a young age. With the encouragement of his cousin and the encouragement of posting jokes. Ant Rawls tried stand-up at a local comedy club open mic night in Greensboro North Carolina he new from that day this was his calling in life. In 2012 Ant Rawls started his own tour with the help of bluhype media and with the help of friends that new what kind of character he was in North Carolina as a teenager. He performed at Chocolate Sundae Comedy Show first impression in 2013 and Broadway Comedy Club in 2014 he auditioned for standup NBC in 2014. I'm just a hardworking go getta that's determined to be successful! Focus In New Areas Life Loves You!...?