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Piso Mojado, Mr. Roboto!

Meet rogue cops Angel & Rexter. Angel, a rogue cop with a serious chip on his shoulder, and an even more serious mustache. He’s been disgraced, he’s been redeemed, and he’s been disgraced again. Hard-boiled, but cold as ice, this officer is Zima-fueled and out for vengeance. Who else could cry tears of fire? That’s right, fire! Who else could uncover a communist funded taco-conspiracy and save LA from nuclear destruction? Do you even know what the fuck a taco-conspiracy is? Do you speak Russian? Of course you don’t, so shut the fuck up and get out of the way. Let this man do his fucking job! Jesus… Rexter, the partner Angel loves like in way that makes people uncomfortable. He’s small, he’s dark, he’s hairy, and he’s lethal. Sweet malt-beverages and an occasional drug flashback give him a nasty temper. Under pressure, he can explode all over your face at any moment. Who else could punch you in the face WITH HIS FIST? Who else could fireman carry his wounded partner, shirtless, while wasting dudes with an AK-47, only to drag him to safety and give him mustache to mustache resuscitation? Wait, what did you say? Yeah, John Oates could do it, but Rexter’s a close second.