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Anarchist X (Cayley Tkach) is the X factor of the show. The most mysterious of the group, Anarchist X has a largely secret agenda and the annoying habit of showing up on the show when it pleases him. But Anarchist X also provides a great deal of music for the Music Videos and movies, so Mach-Ete is leery of destroying him altogether. G-Arotte (Connor Tkach) is the deceptively quiet backbone of Anarchy Hour as he plays the live music that accompanies everything that the hosts and guests say on Talk Show. G also provides major input into the brilliant Music Videos and movies produced by Anarchy Hour. G-Arotte is set to have a great rock band soon, and this will no doubt be a threat to Mach-Ete's controlling ego. Hardlyne (Andrew Tkach) is the moderate yet highly neurotic anarchist co-host of Anarchy Hour. He specializes in being too sensitive; but when he lashes out, the spazz attacks are epic, hilarious, and often dangerous to the health of those silly enough to have insulted him. Hardlyne is the Yin to Mach-Ete's Yang; without him Mach-Ete would be lost and powerless. Mach-Ete (Ran Tkach) is the power drunk megalomaniac host anarchist who may be too dense to balance a chequebook, but this doesn't stop him from ruling the world of from his talk show desk. He also unloads with the ultimate brain fart attack at