AmericanThor AmericanThor


Screams at you.

You can call me stupid, you can call me ignorant, heck, you can even call me retarded; but you can never say that I don't try. If you do, you're done. I mean it. No questions asked. A straight scissor kick to the eyeballs. Chuck Norris said I tried once. Next thing he knew was that I was on the ground, blacked out, sleeping for a moment or two until the police/ambulance showed up. That's right, I tried to punch him, but I never made it...nevertheless I tried. That was enough to make Chuck Norris quit doing Walker Texas Ranger, he had finally found his match. Am I lying? Yeah. Did I try to convince you that I fought Chuck Norris once? Yeah. I tried. That's what I did. I just tried. Never say I didn't try.