agentash agentash


Dear FOD squad, I want to work for you. I am a kick-ass editor who wants to edit with you. I do other things too write, stop motion animate, assistant edit, junior edit, apprentice edit, run errands, dance jigs, make coffee, make obscene artwork on cork boards with push pins and post its. Other reasons to hire me I've been told I'm funny...that has to important at FOD right? I'm like totally adorable, I'll walk your dog. umm, hmm, what else?...I have 2 really cute cats, I'm related to both Dan Quail and Patrick Swayze, so genetically, I cover all grounds, I have a car, I love comedy! and I go to the UCB all the time, see? I'm totally cool! I'm a snappy dresser, I watch a lot of doctor who, and... AND i can do one handed cartwheels. OH GOD! PLEASE HIRE ME. I love you, Ashley