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Daenerys Burns Everyone In Movies And Television AND IT IS DELIGHTFUL

No one is safe from the Mother Of Dragons.

People Are Running Like Horses And I Am Afraid

No no no no no no no no I hate it

Robert Pattinson Is Going To Be Batman And Y’all Need To Calm Down

Guys, guys, it’s going to be okay

How Is Jon Snow’s Hair So Fabulous? with Jonathan Van Ness

Jonathan Van Ness needs Jon Snow to explain whats going on with that hair honey!

Gay Of Thrones S8 E5: The Lust War (with Tiffany Haddish)

Jonathan loves three things, heating pads, ​Rosalía, and Game of Thrones.

I Did A Deep Dive Of This Amazing ‘Thrift Store Finds’ Facebook Group So You Don’t Have To

And it was incredible

The Night King Is Back And He’s Going After The Lion King

One epic battle to determine who truly is the King of the Jungle.

When Your Driver Won’t Stop Talking About The Dangers Of Wind Power

When Donald Trump is your driver, he cannot stop talking about windmills, and you cannot escape this waking nightmare.

Dillon Francis’ New Music Video Is The Sporting Event Of The Century

Suddenly I’m a fan of darts

Tyrion Tries To Negotiate With Monty Python

Turns out Cersei isn’t the only hard-nosed negotiator Tyrion’s ever faced.


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These Ladies Bring Catchy Beats and Handclaps To A Song About Periods And It’s GOOD

Dare you to find a catchier use of the phrase "uterine lining."

People Are So Mad About ‘Game Of Thrones’ There’s Literally A Petition For A Remake

Be the change you wish to see in the world I suppose

This Jonas Brothers Photoshoot Is The Only Thing I Care About Today


The Time Zack Morris Stole A Dog Then Slaughtered Countless Ants

Remember the ‘Saved by the Bell’ when Zack Morris stole a dog then slaughtered countless ants? Zack Morris is trash.

This Children’s Theater Company Is A Hot Dramatic Mess

Sunnyside Children’s Playhouse could use a few more adults supervising the adults who are supposed to be putting on the show.

The Story Behind The Pilots Who Drew A D*ck In The Sky Is The Funniest Thing You’ll Read Today

Nothing but respect for the troops

Gay Of Thrones S8 E4: The Ass of the Starks (with Kumail Nanjiani)

Jonathan loves three things: smart gun control, rose water, and Game of Thrones.

The Time Zack Morris Impersonated A Woman To Abuse His Best Friend

Remember the ‘Saved by the Bell’ when Zack Morris impersonated a woman named Bambi to abusively date Screech? Zack Morris is trash.

Hair Dryers For Dogs Are A Thing And I... Am Crying

Oh my god. Oh. My. GOD.

Latest Original Videos

Georgia’s New Anti-Abortion Tourism Commercial

Welcome to Georgia, land of the happy fetus

The Time Zack Morris Sabotaged Screech’s One Chance With Kelly

Remember the ‘Saved by the Bell’ when Zack Morris sabotaged Screech’s one chance with Kelly? Zack Morris is trash.

Wig Warging with Jonathan Van Ness: How Is Jon Snow’s Hair So Fabulous?

Jonathan Van Ness needs Jon Snow to explain whats going on with that hair honey!

The Night King Is Back And He’s Going After The Lion King

One epic battle to determine who truly is the King of the Jungle.
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How To Pass An Exam Without Studying (Or Getting Caught)

Faced with a difficult exam, and given the chance to pass that exam without studying, what do you do? More importantly, how do you get away with it?

Pet Peeves with Glenn Howerton

Glenn Howerton’s pet peeves will drive you crazy too

A Man Was Arrested For Pretending To Be From KFC Headquarters So He Could Get Free Food


This Is Why Video Games Aren’t The Escapist, Fun Times They Used To Be

Video games have become just a way to pay money for a longer to-do list.

Bill Nye Snapped Because We’re All Letting The Planet Die

We all need to grow the f*ck up

Okay, What The Hell Was That ‘Game Of Thrones’ Episode

I am MAD

Add A Dumb Laugh To Your Day With This Yard Sale Ruined By A Pair Of Very Short Shorts

One man goes to extraordinary lengths for a Kenny Loggins album (NSFW).

Animated Characters Weigh In On Sonic The Hedgehog’s Disastrous New Look

Honestly, the crew from Inside Out? Destruction level 1000.

Gay Of Thrones S8 E3: The Dong Night (with Gabrielle Union)

Jonathan loves three things, Maison Margiela, Ayanna Pressley, and Game of Thrones.

Ben Shapiro Getting Absolutely Roasted For Being A Giant Baby During An Interview Is Just Amazing

For someone who’s known for saying "facts don’t care about your feelings" he sure got upset when the facts didn’t care about his feelings

The Most Hilarious Reactions To Givenchy’s ‘Hint’ About Who Their New Face Is

You’re NEVER gonna believe who it actually is

Hair Tips For Brienne of Tarth with Jonathan Van Ness

Jonathan Van Ness needs Tilda (Brienne of Tarth) to get herself some facial toner and dry shampoo!

John Krasinski Lip Syncing ‘Proud Mary’ Is Going To Carry Me Through The Weekend

Is there anything this man can’t do

Denim Speedos Are A Thing And They Might Be TOO Sexy

Your ass will never look better than in a pair of these babies

The Trailer For IT Chapter 2 Is Here And I Am Ready To Never Sleep Again


When You Finally Figure Out Why You’re Having Déjà Vu

Three roommates embark on a journey of life, laughter, and love as they try to figure out why one of them is experiencing a raging case of déjà vu.

This Video Of Tiny Shrek Running An Agility Course Honestly Belongs In The Louvre

Holy. Crap.

With This Infinity Gauntlet Tenderizer You Can Beat Meat Until Your Hand Is Thor

This is so extra and I need it

The Time Zack Morris Gave Screech An Unpaid Law Enforcement Job For The Birthday He Forgot

Remember the ‘Saved by the Bell’ when Zack Morris gave Screech an unpaid law enforcement job after forgetting his birthday? Zack Morris is trash.

Florida Woman Straight Up Pulled An Alligator Out Of Her Yoga Pants Because It’s Florida

Yeah, you read that right