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Spider-Man Steps Up For Dance Off Dominance Over Mysterio

After Nick Fury hijacks Spider-Man’s vacation, the Webslinger has to battle Mysterio — through the power of dance.

Hair Tips For Cersei Lannister with Jonathan Van Ness

Jonathan Van Ness needs Evil Carol Brady (Cersei Lannister) to get herself some texture foam and pomade!

Ron Burgundy Talks England With A Real British Person

This episode of The Ron Burgundy Podcast is -- in Ron’s words -- "bloody brilliant"

A Bot Reviews ‘Jurassic Park’

This robot has a lot of strong opinions on Jurassic Park

Mueller’s Report Was Just Released And The Memes Are [Redacted]

Yo have you guys heard the new album Harm to Ongoing Matter??

The Time Zack Morris Committed International Kidnapping To Fix A Chess Game

Remember the ‘Saved by the Bell’ when Zack Morris committed international kidnapping to fix a chess game? Zack Morris is trash.

A Scottish Man Drunkenly Woke Up In A Stranger’s House And It’s The Most Hilarious Party Story Ever

"Trust me, there was no party here last night"

Ron Burgundy Talks Poetry with Peter Dinklage

The classiest episode yet

‘False Knees’ Is The Perfect Webcomic To Get You Through The Week

If you love nature shows then this is the comic for you

Andy Samberg Posted A Selfie And I’ve Never Seen Thirst Like This Before

More like Brooklyn Fine-Fine am I right


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Tim Burton’s Dumbo Gets The ‘Joker’ Treatment And It’s Scary Good

Dumbo gets mashed up with The Joker for a chilling antidote to all this unseemly beautiful spring weather.

This Comedian Plays Every Cliché Movie Character And It Rules So Hard

Why does every movie scientist rip their glasses off so aggressively

Here, Have Some Laughs That Don’t Have Anything To Do With Game Of Thrones

If you’re like me and haven’t seen the premiere yet, let this be a safe place for you

This Is How Changing A Flat Tire Can Massively Backfire

Walter’s fool-proof plan to change a co-worker’s tire crashes hard and we can’t look away.

You Can Now Buy A Bean Bag Onesie Because Who The Hell Cares Anymore

Awwwwww yeaaahhhh get that dirty diaper look

The Time Zack Morris Got His Friend Struck By Lightning Then Exploited Him

Remember the ‘Saved by the Bell’ when Zack Morris got his friend struck by lightning then exploited him? Zack Morris is trash.



Gay Of Thrones Season 8 Teaser

Gay Of Thrones is BACK!!!

Here’s How Dr. Dolittle Would Run The Pet Sematary

Dr. Dolittle pays Dr. Louis Creed’s family a visit to exercise his animal conversation skills deep in the scary part of the woods in Maine.

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Wig Warging with Jonathan Van Ness: Evil Carol Brady

Jonathan Van Ness needs Evil Carol Brady (Cersei Lannister) to get herself some texture foam and pomade!

The Time Zack Morris Unleashed A Plague Of Rodents

Remember the time Zack Morris unleashed a plague of rodents? Zack Morris is trash.

Spider-Man Steps Up To Dance Off Mysterio And Save The World

After Nick Fury hijacks Spider-Man’s vacation, the Webslinger has to battle Mysterio — through the power of dance.

A Bot Reviews ‘Jurassic Park’

This robot has a lot of strong opinions on Jurassic Park

Gay Of Thrones S8 E1: Winterfella (with Bryan Safi)

Jonathan loves three things - chocolate covered pretzels, Ivy Park running shorts, and Game of Thrones.
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10 Of The Funniest Parks And Rec Moments

"It says you could have network connectivity problems"

The ‘Blossom’ With The Gun-Toting Student And Alcoholic Clown

Remember the ‘Blossom’ when a kid brought a gun to school and Joey met an alcoholic clown? It was a very special episode.

‘s[he] be[lie]ve[d]’ Memes Have Made A Comeback And They’re So, So Good

Wow it’s like, so deep, you guys

This Is The Secret Way Your AirPods Are Made And Now I’m Telling Everyone

Take a peek at the secret design facility — and the visionary pioneer — behind Apple’s magical, mystical earbuds.

World’s Most Distracted Man Ponders Life’s Big Questions

Guess what? You may spend up to 50% of your day lost in thought. And you’re probably pretty happy, too.

‘King In The North’ Kit Harington Conquered SNL

Who knew Jon Snow was this funny?

Behold What It’s Like Being Of Mixed Race In Hollywood’s Diversity Machine

Ursula Taherian’s The Brownlist skewers Hollywood’s efforts at diversity in this charming satirical short.

In The Can with Shakey Graves

Austin Texas’ very own folk rock band, Shakey Graves, popped into our office and played a show in our bathroom. It smelled like shit but the music was great.

Cast Your Votes For Funny Or Die In This Years Webby Awards!

Your vote could make all the difference!

Flashback Friday The Greatest Star Wars Mashup Of All Time


This Webcomic Is The Funniest Thing Your Human Eyes Will See All Day

"I confess I ingest many chunks"

A Raccoon Was Arrested For Riding The Subway And I Demand Justice


This Trailer Mash-Up For ‘Us’ Is Absolutely Terrifying

"We’re a country that is afraid of the outsider. We’re afraid of the other, whether it’s within our borders or outside of our borders."

Ron Burgundy’s Garage Is Haunted

and he’s got the audio to prove it

Be Smooth, Even When That Thing Happens

Don’t be a stinky little creep. Get Creamy Snickers Peanut Butter and stay smooth.

This Epic Standoff Between Two Drivers For A Parking Spot Is The Most Ridiculous Thing Ever

Oh my god somebody please just pick a different spot

‘Oddbody Furbies’ Are The Most Terrifying Things I’ve Ever Seen In My Life

WOW I hate this

Yep, He’s Still Brockmire: Season 3 Of ‘Brockmire’ Premieres 4/3

The new season of Brockmire starts 4/3 on IFC, but we’re bringing you the first episode right now. Enjoy.

Are You Active(ish)? These Are The Pants For You

Get in the game and be the MVP of happy hour with new, lightweight, water-resistant J.Crew Tech Pants.

Stay Active(ish) With the J.Crew Tech Pants

It’s time for the big pitch. Are you ready to show your boss who’s actually the boss? It’s you, dude.