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No Activity Season 3 Drops This November

Detectives Nick Cullen and Judd Tolbeck are back in action

These Cartoons Taught Kids To Oppress Women


SNL’s Gritty Oscar The Grouch Is The Anti-Hero We Deserve

Who do I have to talk to to get this turned into an actual film

Warning: This Debate Gets Pretty Reheated

Beeeep. That sweet ding of the microwave means your lab-grown diamonds are ready!

Schitt’s Creek Season 5 Is On Netflix

Just in time for Thanksgiving! Eat some stuffing, watch ‘Schitt’s Creek’, and enjoy these gifs!


Big with Evan Rachel Wood and Darren Criss

Remember the Tom Hanks movie 'Big'? It's just like that ... but with a girl!

We Have A Pretty Crazy ‘Zack Morris Is Trash’ Update

We’re pausing this season after four episodes, and here’s why


FOD News: How Do You Want Me To Kill You?

Jason Voorhees takes to the streets of New York City this Friday the 13th to ask people how they would like him to kill them.

This University Has A ‘Draw Danny DeVito Wall’ And I Want To Enroll

This is truly, truly incredible work by everyone involved


You're Not My Girlfriend with Eli Roth And Mena Suvari

Dating is hard, especially when your girlfriend has been possessed by the soul of a demon.

Keanu Reeves’ ‘Between Two Ferns: The Movie’ Uncut Extended Interview

Keanu Reeves sat down with Zach Galifianakis to compare scars, discuss his lack of awards, and listen to Zach recite his deep poem.


The Mindhunters Discover Dennis Reynolds

Holden Ford and Bill Tench have met their match.

Ron Burgundy And Brooke Shields Discuss Modeling, Studio 54, And More

This episode of The Ron Burgundy Podcast is all about the life and times of a true American icon and famous model, oh and also Brooke Shields

Aaron Paul Summarizes ‘Breaking Bad’ In 2 Minutes And WHEW, It’s A Ride

I honestly had forgotten that two planes crash into each other

Laughing Matters | The Funny Business of Being Sad | Documentary

When the cost of bringing others joy is your own joy...the cost is too high.

This National Park Has An Annual Fat Bear Contest And I Am In Love


You Can Stay In A Lisa Frank Hotel Room And Uh, Wow

Sweet mother of rainbow anthropomorphic animals

Jack Black And Jack White’s Collab HAS A RELEASE DATE


Big Mouth Gifs For Any Occasion

Okay well maybe not every occasion but like... at least some occasions

How Cartoons Taught Kids To Hate Each Other

This helps explain why you can’t take your grandparents out in public

Elon Musk Says Cars With Fart Sounds Are Underway

Miracles of modern science

Latest Original Videos


The Mindhunters Discover Dennis Reynolds

Holden Ford and Bill Tench have met their match.

The Time Zack Morris Framed Slater For A Hate Crime

Zack Morris Is Trash: Season 5 Episode 3

Dumbest Music Video: Meat Loaf

This Meat Loaf epic is the dumbest music video about breaking into a castle to take a bath

The Time Zack Morris Dumped A Woman For Saving His Life

Zack Morris Is Trash: Season 5 Episode 2
More videos

Zach Galifianakis Gets Quizzed On ‘Between Two Ferns’

Zach Galifianakis is quizzed on facts from previous episodes of Between Two Ferns.

These Crocheted Halloween Costumes Are So Goddamn Cool

They look so COZY

David Letterman’s ‘Between Two Ferns: The Movie’ Uncut Extended Interview

David Letterman sat down with Zach Galifianakis to discuss how his new show stole its format from Between Two Ferns and how people mean to watch it, but don’t.


The Time Zack Morris Gambled With The Life Of An Unborn Child

Zack Morris Is Trash: Season 5 Episode 4

Ron Burgundy Talks The Stanley Cup And The Future Of Buying Cars

Learn about getting a car right from your phone and never step into another dealership again, and find out what crazy stuff the Stanley Cup gets into on this episode of The Ron Burgundy Podcast

It’s ‘Mean Girls’ Day So Here Are Some Gifs That Are Totally FETCH

Why is this not a bank holiday

90’s Kids Rejoice: Will Smith’s Dropping A ‘Fresh Prince’ Clothing Collection


Someone Made Ads For “Crazy Rudy’s” Law Office, In Case You Need A Lawyer

This is genius

that dog. - “Just The Way” (Official Music Video)

that dog.’s new music video for "Just The Way" is a ‘Three’s Company’ fever dream featuring Jack Black & Maya Rudolph

You Can Buy A 10-Foot Tall Sandworm And Yeah You Need It, Obviously

This is the only lawn decoration that matters

90 Day Fiancé: Just Keep The Women Safe!

How hard can it be? Don’t send them to war zones, don’t put them in danger, don’t make them give birth on the floor!

Two People Hacked A Billboard And Played, Ahem, Adult Videos On It

Hahahahaha nice

A Law Office Hired A Stray Cat. Yes, This Cat Is A Lawyer, And I Love Him

I almost wish I had legal troubles so I could have him on retainer

The Best Moments From The ‘SNL’ Season Premiere

Trump’s impeachment, Downton Abbey, and AUTUMN APPLE PICKING, BABY

The Cast For Steve Carell’s ‘Space Force’ Is Out Of This World

Houston, we have a sitcom

Benedict Cumberbatch’s ‘Between Two Ferns: The Movie’ Extended Interview

Benedict Cumberbatch sat down with Zach Galifianakis to discuss selling out for Marvel movies, doing American accents, and why Brits love the C word.


The Time Zack Morris Framed Slater For A Hate Crime

Zack Morris Is Trash: Season 5 Episode 3

Ron Burgundy Talks Music With Super Star DJ Dillon Francis

Dive into the world of electronic dance music, what goes into it, what the life of a world famous DJ is like, and whether or not the elderly should party

This ‘Greta Thunberg Helpline’ Is Here To Calm Adults Who Want To Yell At Her

Do you find yourself screaming at Greta Thunberg whenever she’s on your screen? Do you think the melting ice caps can go screw themselves? Then this video is probably for you

Samuel L. Jackson Is The New Voice Of Alexa, Is This Real Life

I need this immediately