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“The Cooties” Wrote A Song About How Fast Food Chains Are On Every Corner In The USA

Gentrification sucks, but this tune by The Cooties does not

‘No Activity’ Season 4 Arrives On April 8

Season 4 of ‘No Activity’ will be the show’s first fully animated season

History of Swear Words: Big Nic Energy [NOW STREAMING ON NETFLIX]

History of Swear Words is available on Netflix! F*CK YEAH!!!

Slapping Contests Are A Real Thing And They’re Hardcore AS HELL

Okay ouch

Millennials Are On TikTok... And They Haven’t Ruined it!?

Millennials are notoriously good at ruining things, but Gen Y creators like Rod are helping TikTok connect to an even bigger audience AND further validate the Gen Z experience

Man Faked His Own Kidnapping To Avoid Work, Good For Him

I think we can all sympathize

These Signs Made Me Laugh So Hard I’m Sweating


Em Schulz And Christine Schiefer Are Masters Of The Unconventional

The hosts and creators of the wildly successful podcast ‘And That’s Why We Drink’ talk adapting to the pandemic, their 200th episode milestone, and how podcasts can create positive social change.


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Rat Bastard Ted Cruz Continues To Be A Rat Bastard

Bravo, Senator, you’ve really outdone yourself this time

An Open Letter to the Toddler Who Called Me Ugly at the Grocery Store

I don’t care how old you are, you suck

17 TikToks That Prove Texans Are Making The Best Out Of This Unprecedented Winter Weather


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Lawyer Accidentally Turns Cat Filter On During Virtual Court

Personally I would love to be represented by a cat

Terrible Valentine’s Day Stories To Make You Feel Better About Your Own

They can’t all be winners


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Johnno And Michael Try To Win Their Girlfriends Back

Johnno and Michael try to win their ladies back the only way they know how: 80’s Style.

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Some Last Minute Nicolas Cage Valentines

Happy Valentine’s Day, honey bunny!

Man Befriends Toad, Makes Tiny Hats For Him

Subsequently makes my entire day

This Chameleon Is Tiny And Grumpy And I Love Him

Size is everything (in the nicest way possible)

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Latest Original Videos


All Episodes Of ‘For Heaven’s Sake’ Are Available NOW!

Two best friends try to piece together a mystery that has baffled the police and one family for 85 years

How To Be A Jerk To Yourself w/ Amanda Cerny (Lesson 8)

Now, more than ever, it’s important to stay connected to your friends so you can be a jerk to them anywhere, any time.

How To Be A Jerk To Your Friends w/ Amanda Cerny (Lesson 7)

Now, more than ever, it’s important to stay connected to your friends so you can be a jerk to them anywhere, any time. 

These Holiday Movies Must Be Made

It’s time to stop making shitty holiday movies and start making these not shitty ones
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This TikToker Turned Her Sleepwalking “Issue” Into A Viral Series & It’s SO GOOD I *Almost* Can’t Believe It Isn’t Scripted

This sleepwalker is a national treasure and must be protected at all costs (also - this series has over 530M views )

Let ASMR Transport You To The Great North

Brain tingles are almost as good as actually traveling!

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This Cat Is Doing His Best, Ok

In some ways, I think we’re all a cat with water running over its head licking the air

This Dad’s Photoshoot Of His Baby Doing Manly Things Is Hysterical

This is parenting done right

Huge Thanks To The People Who Changed The Hollywood To ‘Hollyboob’

Personally I think it should stay Hollyboob forever

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You Can’t Run Away From Your Problems (Or The Person You Hate)

Some people run for exercise, other people just run to get away from people

Genius Kid Avoids Classwork By Changing His Screen Name To “Reconnecting”

This is what it means to adapt and overcome

Okay, Hear Me Out— Jurassic Park But Every Dinosaur Is Pee-wee Herman

Pee-wee, uh, finds a way

It’s Time We Stopped Pretending That Puzzles Are Fun

They are bad and they must be stopped


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When Your Driver Won’t Stop Talking About Coronavirus

When Donald Trump is your driver, he cannot stop talking about COVID-19, and you cannot escape this waking nightmare.

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Okay So Marble Racing Is The Greatest Sport Ever Invented

I am addicted to watching tiny glass balls roll through tracks dug out of sand and you should be too

The Diet Coke Button, Unfortunately, Rules

No one is happy about admitting this


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Was ‘Kid Nation’ The Worst Reality Show Ever Made? | E3 - “Deal with It!”

Why prevent a child’s near death experience with a bull when you can broadcast it on national television?

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CLIP: Dulcé Sloan explains why white people need to talk to each other to create change for everyone

Dulcé Sloan on why white people need to talk to each other to create change for everyone

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The Only Thing Better Than Today’s Inauguration Are These 5 TikToks ABOUT The Inauguration

While history was being made - dank content was being created.