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ZOLARS LIVE SHOW IS ON EVERY FRIDAY 9PM est In addition to his many appearances on The Howard Stern Show, The Radio Chick Show, The Ron and Fez Show, Sally Jesse Raphael and Good Day New York, Zolar is a graduate of the Connecticut School Of Broadcasting and a former on-air personality at Q104.3 terrestrial radio. Also a talented voice-over artist and actor, Zolar has interviewed many celebrities like Larry Flint, Pamela Anderson, Donald Trump, Chris Rock and many others. His unique "In your face" style of radio show has gained many loyal listeners who follow his show weekly. Zolar is a friend of Miss Howard Stern as well as much of Howard Stern's Wack Pack who frequent Zolar's Show. , ZOLARS LIVE SHOW IS ON EVERY FRIDAY 9PM est..

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