ZacGalelovesWillFerrell ZacGalelovesWillFerrell


is trying to get a motherfuckin scholarship.

i'm going to start posting videos on here, soon. it's my true goal in life to write/direct/produce/act in films. films of all kinds. i want to start making comedies and then do other fun stuff like zombie and gangster flicks and stuff of that nature. i love my cat, panthro. he's my little baby panther. as crazy as it sounds and you can ask any of my friends this, he talks. he tries to speak english so we all try to talk back to him in cat language. despite my love for my cat and will ferrell, i'm totally heterosexual. i like pineapple express a lot, and semi pro is my favorite will ferrell movie. will ferrell is my favorite comedic actor, hands down. or up, if you're a math enthusiest/ill ass mc like me. that's a mean girls reference if you didn't know that and think i'm really narcissistic, but i'm not. but i won a spelling bee and i'm not sure i spelled narcistic? narcissistic? whatever right. if you read all that congratulations, but the princess is in another castle.