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Like the great city of Jerusalem, Triple Threat has undergone many changes. Each new innovation is built on the foundation of its predecessors. Right out of the gate, Triple Threat was conceived as a search engine. Triple Threat initially rivaled the traf?c of competitors Magellan, InfoSeek and Snap. After a massive power surge erased the majority of Triple Threat?s cached data, the business was channeled in a new direction. By that time, broadband connections had become nearly ubiquitous, and users craved much more than clunky text-and-image pages. Seeing an opportunity in the increase in the size of the pipe, Triple Threat decided to serve up video. What had been a search page became a comprehensive video platform - with one brilliant addition. Rather than wait for its content roster to increase and become monetizable, Triple Threat chose to partner with a brand. The entire video platform was underwritten by the Personal Rocket, a groundbreaking transportation device. The NTSB eventually forced a recall of the Personal Rocket, citing safety concerns (a claim that was never veri?ed). Gary still keeps a Personal Rocket in of?ce. The experience in the online video world convinced Triple Threat that the real opportunity, and its real strength as a company, lay in the development and production of original content, its current iteration.