XXXBadGirlsBall XXXBadGirlsBall


Eat me.

Created by Christina Calph. What is XXX A Bad Girl's Ball you ask? It's a disease. Most Girls are born with it. With some, it develops overtime. Some women will live their whole lives trying to suppress it and attempt to function normally within society’s standards. Oh...but it's there. And it lingers... Well, I've decided to finally accept it. And even celebrate it. I will always be a bad girl...I mean; I’m going to hell anyways so I might as well make the best of it, right? I digress; however, it took me moving to NYC to realize that I'm not alone. I’ve met hundreds of girl’s with this syndrome and a lot of them have helped me learn how to live with it and use it to my advantage. You will meet a lot of them throughout my videos. To sum it up, this is my homage to the Elizabeth Short’s & the Britney Spears’s of the world. We can’t help it…Deal with it. Love, Christina Calph