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Chris Miller

Chris Miller, Comedian, Voice Actor, and Cheese Obsessed

Chris Miller is head writer for Fluffy Lizard, actor, and comedian. Chris' been performing since the 7th grade, when his teachers let him and his friends reenact SNL sketches and read rediculous monolouges every friday for class presentations, later in front of the school He did Model Congress at Anthony Wayne High School in Ohio. Where he made satiraical bills to present to "congress", somehow they all passed. Chris helped with "BG24" at BGSU, though he remembers very little studio time and knows zero about weather except that when you walk outside that is your forecast now. He mostly wrote and drank at BGSU. In addition to his work with Fluffy Lizard, Chris writes screenplays and has been lucky enough to perform stand-up all over the Midwest during the past five years. His style is outrageous material mixed with ridiculous news and claims satire break outs Chris resides in Ohio, and likes toast. Contact: Twitter @ImChrisMiller Email ChrisMillerComedy@gmail.com