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Andy Beckerman and Mark Bisi formed Wrestling Team in 2003 in Pittsburgh, PA, a city with a proud working class and no comedy community. Though the two then spent the next six years in different cities, they continued to work together, writing and producing short films, videos and content for their web site. In July of 2009, the duo moved to New York City to pursue Wrestling Team full time in a thriving comedy scene. They have performed everywhere from The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre and The PIT to Rififi and Under St. Mark’s. Their webseries Cents and Cents’ Abilities went to series at Channel 101 NY, and their musical Rockefeller Centaur has been performed at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre and the Boston Comedy Arts Festival. Wrestling Team also produces an interview podcast named Beginnings. The show examines how creative people – from their peers to already-established comedians, writers and performers – began their creative lives, from their earliest creative experience to their attempts to build careers based on creativity. It’s featured many incredible guests, from those just starting out (Daily Show writer Dan McCoy, Letterman writer Jena Friedman) to established entertainers (UCB founder Matt Besser, Wonder Showzen co-creator John Lee, The Best Show’s Tom Scharpling and Jon Wurster, stand-up Eddie Pepitone, The Mighty Boosh’s Rich Fulcher). Beginnings has also been recognized nationally, and in the summer of 2011, the show was chosen to participate in a reality podcast competition on Mr. Show-writer Scott Aukerman’s Earwolf podcast network. Beginning in February 2012, Beginnings will be featured monthly at the Upright Citizens Brigade’s new East Village theater.

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