Wizard Sandwiches Wizard Sandwiches

Wizard Sandwiches

...laughing at your misfortunes since 1968

What the shit is a Wizard Sandwiches? Calm yourself, young apprentice. This is a question that not even the wisest of our sages know the answer to; personally, I think it's a kind of cologne, but I have yet to prove my theory. What we do know, however, is that a Wizard Sandwich is made of the following components, listed in order of importance Andrew Belsten, with the power of Earth Jarryd Clifford, with the power of Fire Dylan Cole, with the power of Wind Stuart Daulman, with the power of Water Jake Ludowyke, with the power of Heart I keep a photo of the gang on my hope chest in my bedroom. I take a macabre comfort in the knowledge that when I look out at the stars at night, I know that somewhere on this crazy rock they are gazing up at the same sky, unless they are inside or have their eyes closed. To answer your question though, Wizard Sandwiches is a sketchy sketch comedy troupe from Melbourne, Australia, with a terrible sense of humour and dubious eyebrows.