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Will Ferrell got his start at the legendary improv company The Groundlings after a less-than-successful attempt at stand-up, and an even less successful attempt at professional boogie boarding. At The Groundlings, he learned to love improv (and hate shirts). From there he was asked to audition for SNL, which he joined in 1995 and left in 2002. He has starred and written many movies over the years that have received critical acclaim and box office success, but by far his most important professional venture came in 2007 when he started Funny Or Die with writing partner Adam McKay.

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I just tried to create a playlist where I'm excited to see every video. No filler. I used other people's picks and didn't use some of my own because some I'm burnt on. Also, I did put some of my stuff on it, simply because in a lot of cases I wrote it with someone else or there are other actors in it that make me laugh even though I'm in it. This playlist took over two thousand man hours to assemble. Don't just enjoy, consume it...

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