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All World Citizens can VOTE in the USA election

Hello I've created a way every World Citizen can vote in the USA election. 330,000 World Citizens have voted so far. The world is very connected today, and as someone who has worked for a UK company for 5 years, in Cairo, Egypt during “Arab Spring” and has an MBA in International Business, I know the world would like a say in the USA election. The took a weird turn yesterday, after the last debate. 82% yesterday voted Trump, mostly from Germany, Finland, Brazil, Canada, Australia, and YES, the UK. (The USA vote tally is in a draw). I have declared I will use my REAL USA Citizen vote for what the WORLD VOTE decides. To keep it light hearted, I have also declared I will vote from the MOON as a look back on the whole WORLD … (You can watch a silly “make-believe” video I’m really blasting off to the moon at Perhaps you might find this an interesting feature. Kind Regards, Ronald Scott Wild RSWILD.COM