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http://twitter.com/#!/RyanSaysThings http//ryansaysthings.tumblr.com/ Sometimes when I first meet people I like to tell them that Nada Surf's "Popular" was written about me. That and the first three seasons of Punky Brewster. Oh, and not to brag, but also the screenplay that eventually became the cinematic masterpiece Out For Justice. This eventually led to FOX loosely basing Jack Bauer of 24 fame on my persona. Most recently; Beyonce’s lyric “I know you wanna taste it, but I’m a make you chase it” from her new hit song “Check On It” was written about me after I saw her at a club one evening and said to her, verbatim, “I wanna taste it.” I am currently in the process of chasing it. This is something I haven't told a lot of people, mostly because I like to know my friends are friends with me because they genuinely enjoy my company, not to leech off of my fame. Here it goes I played saxophone in the influential 80's Power-Pop band Go West. I also penned the lyrics for our biggest hit, "King Of Wishful Thinking."