wearethomasse wearethomasse


British-American comedy sketches by a British-American comedy couple

Thomas is a boy.Masse is a girl.He's a Brit.She's an American.They fell in love and got married.They brought together his British wit and her American enthusiasm, beauty, quirk, talent, loudness, and sense of civic duty, and birthed a weirdly adorable comedy baby. That baby is: We Are Thomasse (rhymes with "sassy").We Are Thomasse's British-American humo(u)r is clean but twisted, relying on high concepts, charmingly absurd characters, and clever verbiage. They keep it "Family Friendly"... even in that sketch about sluts. And the one about polite sex. And the one about saying “Yes!” to drugs. Since October of 2014, We Are Thomasse has performed their quick-witted, fast-paced, show over 30 times in four states, three countries, two continents, and one planet. Notable venues include UCB, The PIT, Broadway Comedy Club, iO West, North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival, The LA Scripted Comedy Festival, and The Leicester Square Theatre, not to mention packed houses in London and Paris!"The married comedy duo of Nick Afka Thomas and Sarah Ann Masse combine his droll British wit and her joke-packed American energy in this clever, cross-cultural sketch show." -The New York Times