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PopAllure is where the popular want to be and what the unpopular want to become. A full-fledged entertainment and lifestyle platform, PopAllure Media, LLC brings a unique experience of what’s hot (and not!) in popular culture to the forefront via multiple social outlets such as online video, radio, and Twitter. PopAllure is simply not a lifestyle, it’s life. Founded and spearheaded by two creatively smart and savvy young professionals, Koco Kennedy and Koi Monroe, PopAllure Media, LLC is a multi-faceted and unabashed oasis created to bring the famous to the unfamous and the stars to the star-struck. Simply put, PopAllure is not for the wack at heart.™ PopAllure TV features one of a kind segments, including Home Room Being ahead of the game is bound to always ensure a first place win and Home Room is always two steps ahead of the game. A segment dedicated to delivering the best in popular culture, Home Room freshly delivers a burning topic with smart and witty discussions. Pop Stocks With a globally sluggish economy frantically monitoring every single dollar, pound, and yen, the same should be applicable to popular culture. Pop Stocks is a one of a kind segment that monitors-measure for measure-the popularity of some of today’s brightest and dimmest stars with a Wall Street twist. Take notes…it’s Boom or Bust. Behind the Bleachers What happens behind the bleachers stays behind the bleachers, or does it? A segment that discreetly profiles and reveals the indiscretions of some of your favorite celebrities, Behind the Bleachers will reveal why Hollywood is known as “Hollyweird.” Pop Quiz We all hate exams, but with Pop Quiz, there is no right or wrong answer! Pop Quiz is a user interactive segment promoting entertaining discussion amongst viewers on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter based on weekly questions posed by the hosts. Get your pencils and notebooks ready! Pop Ups For the dedicated viewer who can’t get enough of what PopAllure TV brings in its weekly online episodes, Pop Ups is a segment distinctively catered to the devoted fan who wants to remain privy to all that’s hip in popular culture from breaking news, new music to red carpet events and questions from fans. Trust us, you don’t want to block these Pop Ups! PopAllure Apparel Line coming soon. So…are you PopAllure? Find out at @WeArePopAllure WeArePopAllure.com