Peter Whatanitch

Peter Whatanitch Peter Whatanitch

CALL US AT 1-512-857-9948 it is our fan hotline, leave us messages/comments/suggestions or questions and we will make a video about it. And we will also post all the messages on my website www.whatanitch.com W2Pi entertainment (www.w2pi.com)is my production/promotion/venture company. Peter WhatAnItch (www.whatanitch.com) is me, the older brother. I love making videos, writing scripts, stories, and standup. Come check me out when I am in your town! Effing Ania (www.myspace.com/chitownania)Actress, model, promoter, entrepreneur, basically a F.V.O.P. Rob aka SyF- the giver, is my younger brother. He is the World of Warcraft addict. He is a level 70 Troll Priest on the Crushridge server.