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“A NATURAL” describes this young, stand-up phenom! In just a few short years, Cisco has risen to the top of the comedy industry and has performed and headlined in some of the country’s top entertainment venues. Cisco has had the pleasure to grace the stage with well-known stand-up comedians such as: Louis C.K., Drew Carey, Carlos Mencia, Chris Rock and many more! Cisco is by no means an ordinary comedian. His brutally honest material can be seen as a fusion of book and street knowledge, creating a chaotic, but entertaining time when he is on stage. Although Cisco is proud of his Mexican ancestry, he also takes a lot of pride in his ability to connect with people from around the world. Cisco was born in Watts, California at Martin Luther King hospital and raised in every corner of the city of Los Angeles. Cisco’s comedic talent began at a young age preferring to be around adults, entertaining them however he could. Cisco mimicked everything he had seen on television and movies and the adults rewarded him with their laughter. Cisco’s early influences consisted of Mexican film and television stars, Mario Moreno (Cantinflas) and Roberto Gomez Bolaños (Chespirito), as well as American stars, Jackie Gleason Eddie Murphy and Redd Foxx. The originality and realness of the comedy are what captivated Cisco and won him over. “I would stare at myself in the mirror and try to mimic every detail, rehearse every line as if I was in the show”, says Cisco. “I wanted to learn from whom I considered the best, to be the best!” Cisco can be seen regularly at all of the major comedy clubs in Hollywood, such as the Comedy Store, Improv and Laugh Factory. He has starred in many national commercials, including Tecate Light Beer’s “Bad Habits”. One can witness Cisco’s endless talent as an actor on the MIO.TV website, impersonating the likes of George Lopez, Jennifer Lopez, Daddy Yankee and many more. Of all the new breed of comics coming up, I find Cisco – MuyFunny to be just that, “MUY FUNNY!” He’s got a great sense of timing and a refreshing presence on stage… This guy’s funny as hell!” - Rudy Moreno “You’ve got some funny sh*t!” - Drew Carey “This guy was born into stand-up comedy!” - L.A. Times