In a world where getting laid is such a hassle, Four Loko simplifies the process into one easy step.

Full Credits

Writer: Edd Benda
Story By: Nicki Cortese
Director: Edd Benda
Cinematographer: John Brankin
Edited By: Will Simmons
Special Effects: Aaron Rovner
Song Used: “String Disco” Kevin MacLeod,
Song Used: Electric Six- “Danger! High Voltage!, ” Electric Six
Producer: Charlie Scully
Producer: Alex Block
Producer: Nicki Cortese
Starring: Chainsaw Rodriguez
Starring: Jenifer Golden
Voiceover: Talan Torriero
Voiceover: Nic Nac
Assistant to Director: Bonnie Balmos
Head Production Assistant: Kevin Downey Jr.
Head Production Assistant: Ace Hasan
Production Assistant: Curtis Moses
Production Assistant: Edward Sun
Production Assistant: Jake Jordan
Actors (Extras): Tiffany Wang, Ashley London, Greg Schept, Aaron Rovner, Alexander Urazov, Michael Yoshimura, Will Hagle, Alex Silken, Montgomerie Steele, Taylor Leonesio, Curtis Moses, Jason Gomez, Jake Jordan, Mackenzie Allen, Janice Shang, Ace Hasan, Laila Brown, Viv Pitter, Nicholas Desantis, Myles Wright, Kevin Downey Jr., Edward Sun, and Nicole Collins