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Elin Nordegren opens up to People Magazine as Ride The Pine can’t believe she couldn’... more »
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Let’s Talk Sports...

Elin Nordegren , officially now the ex-wife of Tigers Woods , opened up for the first time since that crazy Thanksgiving night in an interview with People Magazine
.  She said that she’s “been through hell” and that she felt stupid as
things were revealed and questioned how she didn’t know anything was
going on.  I can’t believe she had no idea.  Tiger didn’t have just a
couple of women on the side, he had many, many women on the side.  The
stank that was on him on a nightly basis, smelled like the dressing room
at Macy’s...stanky.”

Woods told reporters that his divorce has
affected his game.  Thats a lie.  The lack of his side action has caused
Tiger to be a little backed up, and maybe not as focused as he could be
on the course.  Its been so long since Tiger has gotten any action
thats he’s jealous of the flag stick for being in a hole.

If leaving the Red Sox's to join the New York Yankees wasn’t enough proof that outfielder Johnny Damon despises Boston, how about Damon’s recent decision of choosing Detroit
over Beantown after the Tigers put him on waivers.  Who would want to
leave that jewel of a city for a chance to be in a playoff race.  Oh and
Johnny, when a team puts you on waivers, that means they don’t want
you.  Stop acting like you have this loyalty to Detroit because they
tried to get rid of you.

Here are a couple of things to check out while you are on the pine...

Probably the best player in baseball, Albert Pujols , become the third youngest player to hit 400 home runs.  He’s my favorite person to watch at bat in baseball.

Pete Rose said that Roger Clemens should come clean and not lie about his steroid use.  Roger Clemens said Pete Rose should shutup.

And that is my view from the pine....

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