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st verse As I update my stats send a tweet check my text. Think about reality stars I wanna sex. I'l prolly go to jail for fuckin Tequila well Housewives of ATL? They make my cock swell. Heidi Klum was fly But Heidi Montag is lookin scary Wait a second what about Mrs. Berry Them jeans. They fittin mighty snug I got a crush on Meagan from Rock of Love! Uh Hold the horse hair I'm a show you how to intercourse New York is Suckin all up on my Philly sausage Even Bootz, Keisha Cole and Natalie From B.G.C Can't see UpDaBlock with telepathy. Reality TV whores getting done They all seem sleezy but they sure look fun I bust mad nutz at elimination What's on VH1 hun? Chorus Dreams of fucking a reality bitch (I aint playin, I'm jus sayin) 2nd Verse I'd leave Deelishus pussy in stitches I'll fuck Wendy Williams 'for I fuck dem Ugly Bad Girl Bitches Slingin plenty of dick to Octomom Cum on her face Make Kate Gosselin call Date Rape Only Cuz I'm paid I'm fucking Lisa Raye Gettin BJ's from J Woww everyday Even snobby basketball wifey's Got Sammie Sweetheart cheating on Ronnie I'm a bust that Cherry on Jordin Sparks. You hear me? Backshots on Tyra, I know that pussy hairy. Peppa's celabate I know that coochie tight. Punch Snookie's pussy give her flashbacks of the fight. Omarosa suckin my bone. She even swallowing Jimmie hats for Poprah. I'm usin all of them ( What about Kim Kardashian?) That bitch gimme action I'd pump that fake ass till it flatten's. Huh Chorus END written by KeithFromUpDaBlock