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Full Credits

Guest Starring: Seth Morris
Starring: Ally Hord, Allyn Rachel, Juliet Seniff, Betsy Sodaro, Marissa Strickland
Writer: Juliet Seniff
Director: Rachel Goldenberg
Producer: Becca Scheuer, Rachel Goldenberg & Juliet Seniff
Editors: Chris Poole & Caleb Swyers
Post Sound: Justin Njim
Graphics: Caleb Swyers
Coordinator: Sean Boring
DP: Berenice Eveno
B Cam Op: Sevdije Kastrati
1st AC: Nathan Kelley
Gaffer: Avihai Yaffe
Key Grip: Tony Jou
Production Design: Tricia Robertson
Sound: Ben Forman
Boom Op: Derek Osedach
Makeup: Carleigh Herbert
Makeup Asst: Adrienne Booth
PA: Ross Buran
Intern: Katie Barreira
Special Thanks: Bryan Safi, Ryan Perez, Jack Allison, Darryl Gudmundson, Dan Fogelson, Ben Sheehan, 3 Jerks Jerky


(Upbeat music)
->I think we need a second fireplace.Cory Feldman's coming out with a hair extension line.I saw a PT Cruiser with a HarvardMore bottomless mimosas ladies?Do you ever wonder how old we are?Here we go, and scrambled eggs for my lady.Oh god!Oh jeez, I am so sorry. I knew theseMeg, what's wrong?Jimmy and I keep trying to get pregnant,Aww, Meg.It's like nothing works, nothing,I'm sorry.Well, Heather what did you do when youDoug and I actually went to the doctorThat's a great guy!Well, I can't stop getting pregnant.Gross.You don't listen to her, Meg. Okay?Well, I'm going the sperm donor route,Would you ladies mind giving me yourYes! Of course!I would love to! I would love to!Hey, hey, how is everybody doing this afternoon?Uh, one of these is rice pudding I'm sorry.Oh! That's for me. ThanksChoose carefully, no rush at all ladies.Number three looks like he's tall.What do you think?One, two, or three?And the judges are decided, the winnerHe seems really great, Kath.Thank you, we're really happy.Aww!Who wants to wash away the loneliness?This isn't rice pudding!Girl, I had some bad hummus last night.