The gals celebrate Halloween and Jason Vorhees stops by. New Lady Time next Tuesday! HAPPY GAL-OWEEN!

Full Credits

Starring: Ally Hord, Allyn Rachel, Juliet Seniff, Betsy Sodaro, Marissa Strickland, Featuring: Fred Stoverink
Writer: Juliet Seniff & Rachel Goldenberg
Director: Rachel Goldenberg
Producer: Becca Scheuer & Rachel Goldenberg
Editors: Chris Poole & Caleb Swyers
Post Sound: Justin Njim
Graphics: Caleb Swyers
Coordinator: Sean Boring
DP: Berenice Eveno
B Cam Op: Sevdije Kastrati
1st AC: Nathan Kelley
Gaffer: Avihai Yaffe
Key Grip: Tony Jou
Production Design: Tricia Robertson
Sound: Ben Forman
Boom Op: Derek Osedach
Makeup: Carleigh Herbert
Makeup Asst: Adrienne Booth
PA: Ross Buran
Intern: Katie Barreira
Special Thanks: Bryan Safi, Ryan Perez, Jack Allison, Darryl Gudmundson


(glass shattering)
(all laughing)
(girl screaming)
->What?I'm sorry, I thought a saw a ghostie!Kathy, I need to tell you thatThis is a mask.Yeah, but you really look like him.That's the point.She still looks like Richard Nixon.Megan, I am loving these Bloody Marys.This is a Bloody Jerry.Ohhh!So you guys wanna hear something really scary?How do you know?So yesterday, I was on FacebookOf course.And I realized that somehow,Oh, fuck!Bastards!Oh, this isn't a carrot.Here, let me see that.What?Let me see that.Yeah, why would I accept?Didn't Barbara Watters die from a freakExactly.So?So you didn't accept her friend request,Jesus Christ.What are you doing here, Jason?But I'm ready to commit now.Our schedules are too different.Kill your own Uncle Jerry next time.Oh, you would use that against me.Somebody likes hockey.What a little bitch.Also, like, nine feet tall.That's too tall.Too tall, too tall!Do children kick you guys