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November 18, 2014


SARAH: Hey Paul, I'm coming up for Mark and Julie's wedding. Can I crash on your couch.

PAUL: Si Senorita, mi casa es su casa!

SARAH: Is that a yes?

PAUL: Yes, yes it is.

SARAH: Are you sure this is OK, I can totally go sleep on the couch.

PAUL: No, totally fine, you don't want to sleep on the couch trust me, it's a nightmare.

PAUL: (VO) OK Paul, this is no big deal, it's just Sarah. Good old Sarah from University.

Who am I kidding it's a massive deal!

SARAH: Can you believe Mark and Julie are getting married tomorrow?

PAUL: I know, so weird.

I guess best friends can get married.

SARAH: (V.O.) Ahh, good old reliable Paul. He's such a nice guy.

As long as he doesn't talk about his job too much. God, so boring.

PAUL: Funniest thing happened at work-

SARAH: Hey do d'you know if Harry's gonna be at the wedding?

PAUL: (V.O.) Dickhead ex-boyfriend who everyone hates and is totally wrong for you yeah of course he'll be there.

PAUL: Don't know... why?

SARAH: I really just don't want to see him.

SARAH: (V.O.) I have no self-control.

PAUL: (V.O.) Awesome, she can move on... to me!

PAUL: Hello, what's this?

PAUL: Are you cold?

SARAH: Yeah it's a bit nippy.

PAUL: Hehe... it's a bit nipply.

PAUL: Did you want to spoon?


PAUL: (V.O.) Oh my god, it's happening.

PAUL: Ahm, I'll be the big spoon.


PAUL: (V.O.) It's happening, it's actually happening.

PAUL: (V.O.) Be cool, be cool...

PAUL: Don't know where to put my hand.

SARAH: Paul.

PAUL: (V.O.) Be. Cool.

SARAH: (V.O.) Mmmm, spooning is nice.

PAUL: (V.O.) Did she just?

Oh dear.

PAUL: I should be the small spoon... I think we should do that... just for... my arm.


PAUL: Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

SARAH: I don't know, what are you thinking?

PAUL: Two people, alone in bed...


SARAH: (V.O.) What the fuck?

SARAH: I'm not naked, why are you naked?

PAUL: What, no I'm not but...

...I could be.

SARAH: Mates shouldn't be naked together.

PAUL: Who says?

SARAH: I say.

PAUL: Why you say?

SARAH: Because it's you...

...and you're a nice guy. You're not that kind of guy.

PAUL: Yeah, well, would a nice guy do this?

PAUL: (V.O.) Woah, that's weird.
SARAH: (V.O.) That feels weird.

PAUL: (V.O.) Really weird.
SARAH: (V.O.) Good weird?

PAUL: S-Sorry...

SARAH: Actually, put it back.