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Episode 1 of "Welcome to the Ranchero" Champagne and chaos reign on the open plains
Published September 02, 2012 8.8k views More Info »
Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Starring: Chase Spivey, Heather Kelly and Ben Lindesmith
Doug Rader as the Man in the Bush
Allison Kelly as the Liquor Store Girl
Thom Proctor as the Pool Pastor
Alex Bacon as the Liqur Store Guy
Travis Pierce as Travis
Natalie Steinke as the Girl on the Patio
Directed by: Ben Lindesmith
Written by: Ben Lindesmith, Chase Spivey, Heather Kelly, Thom Proctor, J David Osborne, Doug Rader, Stacey Rios
Camera by: Ben Lindesmith, Chase Spivey, Heather Kelly, Thom Proctor, Susan Emberton
Sound Design: Thom Proctor
Production Assistance: Thom Proctor, Travis Pierce, Rai Fordyce, Chris McDaniel
Ranchero Gardener : Doug Rader
Thanks to all of our extras and anyone who has helped with the Ranchero
Thanks to Travis Pierce, Zebre, the Great American Jug Band and FRMR for music - ZanzibarRecords.com
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100 Die Votes
Published September 02, 2012
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