The sixth episode of Faith Soloway's Secrets: DR. JEWISON'S CRISIS, AT... more »
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Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Dr. Jewison: Marjorie Zohn, Noreen: Christine Canavo, Philip: Sebastian Stuart, Raquan: Collin Knight, Shavonne: Georgia Gladden, Mama: Evelyn Perkins, Joan Stone: Faith Soloway, Maureen: Melissa Ferrick, One Long Earring Fans:
Mallory Coppenrath, Berta Daniels, Leon Davis, Lucinda Davis, Ellen Epstein, Ilene Fischer, Jill Gibson, Trish Palmiere, Matt Smith, Julia Van Daam, and Seth Bodie as the lips.
music composted by Faith Soloway, photographed and edited by Ian Brownell
© 2011 Smell My Productions
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