Lizzy the Lezzy Stand up comedy videos - EPISODE 1 - “I’M PROUD" Meet Lizzy the Lezzy, the lesbian animation stand-up comedian.

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I'm lizzy the lezzy and I'm out and proud

I'm lizzy the lezzy let's shout it out loud!

I'm lizzy the lezzy, just sing it with me

I'm lizzy the lezzy, and I like pussy! 

Hello. My name is Lizzy. I'm a lesbian.

out was such a big deal, and now I don't know what all the fuss is
about. I mean, everyone's a lesbian these days. Some of my best friends
are lesbians. My straight girlfriends are lesbians too, but they're
just silly. I'll never understand why they prefer to suck dick. Bla!

And the people who think it's wrong or strange, well they're just stupid.
Like the people who wonder what lesbians do in bed. Tut, stupid.

Or the people who tell me I just haven't met the right man. They're
stupid too. What part of lesbian don't you understand?

people make fun of lesbians, and call them names like muff muncher.
Personally I think the names are quite funny. Muff muncher. Hehe. I'm a
muff muncher. I'm a muff muncher! I'M A BIG BUTCH PUSSY CRUNCHING MUFF

Hmmm, I hope my mum and dad aren't watching this.