It's your turn Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Justin Beiber, and all things Kardashian. #UrWelcome
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Additional Credits:
An Eighth Day Production
in association with Six14 Productions
Hosted by: Larry Motts (@LarryMotts – he’s not nice)
Created & Directed by: Bryan Beasley (@BryanBeasley)
Produced by: Justin Sloggatt & Bill Sloggatt
Written by: Grant Thompson (@GrantMeThis), Sarah McLaughlin (@SHMcLaughlin), Elizabeth Klingele (@Fluffy_StClaire), Carla Cherry (@CarlaCherry), Brian Van Eerden (@BfVe), & Bryan Seabury (@BryanSeabury)
Story by: Tyler Kroos
Dir. of Photography: James Tate
Edited & Graphics by: EDP
Music by: The Spicy Rizzaks
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