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Full Credits

Police Officer- Betsy Sodaro
Bathroom Patrons- Leann Bowen, Bunny Gibson, Amina Munir, Gilli Nassim, Charity Miller
Director/ Writer/ Gilli Nissim
Producer- Libby de Leon
Coordinator- Matt Myers
DP- Carissa Dorson
1st AC- Christina Tontisakis
Key Grip- Devin Colter
Gaffer- Alex Laber
Wardrobe- Jordy Scheinberg
HMU- Erin Blinn
Sound Chris Bennett via Botown Sound
PA- John Hume
Special Thanks: Alan Gordon Rentals


Betsy Sodaro: Hi, I'm Officer Tammy Cox.
Betsy Sodaro: A proud member of
the Bathroom Police.
Betsy Sodaro: Bathroom Cops are a new
force in our community.
Betsy Sodaro: So, today we're going to
teach you young cadets
Betsy Sodaro: our simple mission, to uphold the
Public Facilities Privacy and Security Act,
Betsy Sodaro: and keep everyone of our
great country's public restrooms a
Betsy Sodaro: safe and wholesome place.
Betsy Sodaro: Let's get started.
[siren is heard]
Betsy Sodaro: First, address each person.
When a citizen enters
Betsy Sodaro: any one of our thousands of
public restrooms, they'll be
Betsy Sodaro: greeted by a friendly and
brave Bathroom Cop,
Betsy Sodaro: just like you.
Betsy Sodaro: Good afternoon.
Betsy Sodaro: You are entering a state run
pee pee and poo poo facility.
Betsy Sodaro: May I see some form of gender
registration like an ID or
Betsy Sodaro: a Xerox copy of
your genitals?
Bunny Gibson: I don't have any on me.
Betsy Sodaro: If a citizen is being evasive
you'll want to conduct a
Betsy Sodaro: visual scan to make sure they're
not harboring any suspicious
Betsy Sodaro: genitals on their person.
Betsy Sodaro: One more look-see.
Betsy Sodaro: Should you encounter a
situation where it's unclear
Betsy Sodaro: if the citizen has a bulge or a flattie,
you should conduct an HTC.
Betsy Sodaro: Okay. Alright.
You do have a hoo-hah.
Betsy Sodaro: Next up is scan.
Betsy Sodaro: Once an individual has begun
to pee pee or poo poo,
Betsy Sodaro: we must continue to observe
and remain vigilant.
Betsy Sodaro: You will need to keep your
senses keen to sniff out any
Betsy Sodaro: illegal ding-dongs.
Betsy Sodaro: Excuse me. I do not like
the sound of your stream.
Betsy Sodaro: I had to observe closer,
but yeah, her hoo-hah checks out.
Betsy Sodaro: Sadly, there are people
out there who want to
Betsy Sodaro: disrupt the peace in
our porcelain sanctuaries.
Betsy Sodaro: In the unfortunate event
that someone does bring a ding dong
Betsy Sodaro: into a hoo-hah room it is your
duty to send them packing.
Betsy Sodaro: Okay. Alright.
Well, I have determined that
Betsy Sodaro: you are indeed in possession
of an illegal genital.
Betsy Sodaro: You have broken the law
set forth by HB2, and therefore
Betsy Sodaro: must leave this pee pee
and poo poo room.
Help officer. There's a man with a
gun. He took my kids!
Betsy Sodaro: As I was saying, you
are legally required
Betsy Sodaro: by state law to leave.
Betsy Sodaro: So that's it. If you need
help, just remember to ASS.
Betsy Sodaro: Address, Scan, then
Send 'em packing.
Betsy Sodaro: If you study hard and
train hard, you might find
Betsy Sodaro: yourself ASSing around with
your country's finest Bathroom Cops.
Betsy Sodaro: Getting a whiff of
any ding dongs? Huh?