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BP, Tony Hayward, Haliburton


"Happy Shrimp" is a tongue in cheek stab at BP's attitude about ruining the Pacific Ocean. In the 70's, ARCO created cartoon commercials showing dinosaurs being sucked back into the earth. Oh, No!…no more dinosaur juice. Then they raised the price of gas 50%. Helping out BP my way, I have created the PR campaign that could save the day…"Happy Shrimp".

The short film has another purpose. I have created the "Corporate Bull" game for Facebook. It is intended to entertain in the fashion of Farmville, Mafia Wars or Happy aquarium. This game sticks it's tongue out at the everyday Corporate Bull that has lead us to this frustrating place in business history.

The above mentioned games are created by large companies with teams of people tweaking the game. "Corporate Bull" was created by one person. I want to give the big guys a run for their money. I am partnered with RocketHub to fuel the project with "crowd Financing". I need to raise money for programming, that's it.

You can contribute as little as $5. Earn rewards for lending a hand.

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