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Starring Sean Altman. Video Produced, Directed, & Edited by Jeff Thacher. Co-starring Jeff LaGreca as JC. Music & Lyrics & Vocals: Sean Altman (Big Sean Music, BMI). Guitar: Julian Maile. Keyboards: Joe McGinty. Drums: Bob Golden. Bass: Buster Hemphill. Backup vocals: audience at Jenn's House. Recorded and mixed by Roger Greenawalt.

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June 25, 2013


Taller Than Jesus (by Sean Altman)
I'm not bragging - don't mean to blaspheme
But Jesus was a short dude - at least compared to me

The average guy at the time of Christ
Was 4'9 to 5'5"
I....I'm taller than Jesus
I said I....I'm much taller than Jesus

He was long on love - but short of limb
My tee-shirt fits like a dress on him
He could heal the sick and save your soul
But he couldn't dunk a basketball
I....I'm taller than Jesus
I said I....I'm MUCH taller than Jesus

Y'see, Jesus walked on wate
Turned water into wine
But if you want to change that light bulb
Call me - l'm divine...

I was hanging with Christ - just guy to guy
He was sitting on a phone book - we were eye to thigh

He said "Hey Sean - what's it like up high?"
I said "Hay-soos - you want a piggyback ride?"

The Beatles said they were bigger than you
Well I've the height on the Beatles too
If genes determine the size of your bod
Then my Dad must be taller than God
I....I'm taller than Jesus
I said I....I'm MUCH taller than Jesus
Not better than Jesus
Just taller than Jesus