Episode 3 of "Welcome to the Ranchero" The Pool Church Crew is haunted by an unlikely visitor

Full Credits

Starring: Chase Spivey, Heather Kelly and Ben Lindesmith
Jon Mooneyham as the Gas Man
Nathan Lofties as the Space Babies Salesman
Donovan Spivey as the Space Baby
Doug Rader as Funky Santa Claus
Emily Marx as the Subtitle Girl
Ben Carter as the Metal Guitarist
Eric Piper as the Raw Milk Dealer
Bri Lyon as the Pregnant Passenger
Devin Smith as the Girl in Line
Thom Proctor as Sax Player and Gossip Skull
Will Gardner as Will
Beau Mansfield as Beau
Carrie Mitchell as Carrie
David Slemmons as David
Steven Battles as Steven
Siron the Astounding as the Magician
Chris Sander as Tetherball Player #1
Mike Mitchell as Tehterball Player #2
Directed by: Ben Lindesmith
Written by: Ben Lindesmith, Chase Spivey, Heather Kelly, Thom Proctor, Chris McDaniel, Doug Rader, Travis Pierce
Camera by: Ben Lindesmith, Chase Spivey, Heather Kelly, Thom Proctor, Susan Emberton, Travis Pierce
Animation by: Chris McDaniel
Compositing and SFX by: Ben Lindesmith
Score by: Thom Proctor
Theme by: Travis Pierce of Economy
Additional Music by: Chrome Pony, The Great American Jug Band, The Beau Mansfield Trio, Gordon Lightfoot
Sound Design: Thom Proctor
Lighting Direction: Travis Pierce
Production Assistance: Thom Proctor, Travis Pierce, Rai Fordyce, Chris McDaniel, Emily Marx
Ranchero Gardener : Doug Rader
Thanks to all of our extras and anyone who has helped with the Ranchero

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January 09, 2013