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Full Credits

Created by Cathy Reinking & Vicki Pearlson
Directed by Janine Sides
Written by Cathy Reinking, Vicki Pearlson, & Janine Sides
Producers: Jenny Koreny & Lindsey Villarreal
Starring Charles Kim, Brendan Bradley, Jenell Manzi, Robin Leach
Full Cast:
Robin Leach is Acting Impresario
Charles Kim is Charles, Mom
Jenell Manzi is Julia
Brendan Bradley is Malcolm
Matthew Sharp is Ian Rutherford
Elizabeth Gilbert is Jane Austen
Cerris Morgan-Moyer is Lizzy
Steve West is Darcy
Denise Carole is Annette
Dan Shaked is Kyle
Iman Milner is Janet
Koby Kumi-Diaka is Kofi
Stephanie Jones is Casting Director
Abigail Ritt is Casting Assistant
Bridgid Ryan is Kathleen
Also, Kurt Quinn, Hannah Marie Hines, Darryl Dillard, Kate Reinking, Sayta Vanii, Ida Anderson, Gabryal Rabinowitz, Joshua Wolf Coleman
John Conway, AD
Billy Sullivan, 2nd AD
Katie Walker, DP
Ashley Margo, Production Designer
Lynne Marie Martens, Costume Designer
Chelsea Petit, Editor
Adhish Yajnik, Editor
Michael Holcomb, Sound
Luis Molgaard, Sound
Scott Hardie, Sound
Lana Marks, Script Supervisor
Cara Liedlich, Make-Up
Maira Gomez, Make-Up
Also, David Bostrom, Mitchell Brown, Michael Cox, Armen Fetulagian, Mac Fisken, Nick Folkman, Edgar Gomez, Sarah Gonzalez, Nick Luecking, Alex Parker, Gabryal Rabinowitz


Meet Charles, an adorable, talented performer who desires to make a living as an actor. He has the goods, but because he’s Korean-American, the roles he’s called in for are Angry Chinese Waiter or Smart Korean Businessman. He yearns to be a leading man and not just a stereotyped side-note. One late night, he and his best friend Julia, who is also relegated to roles with no actual names, stumble upon an infomercial starring Robin Leach, who espouses the benefits of an acting class in which the participants can learn to compete with their more successful British counterparts by actually becoming British so that they can then play American. The friends decide to join the class, a group of misfit actors, all talented but limited by something they can’t change, like age, ethnicity, or accent . . . or can they? Special Guest: Jane Austen.