Captain Planet drops in on a very concerned Environmental Protection Organization, and he and Ma-Ti have a heart to heart.

Full Credits

Starring Don Cheadle
Featuring Efren Ramirez, Martin Dew, Alan Davis, Clark Long, LaVonne Rae-Andrew, Demorge Brown, Josh Fadem & Jennie Pierson
Written & Directed by Charles Ingram & Nick Corirossi
DP: Tom Banks
1st AC: Tom Jordan
2nd AC: Nils Refvik
DIT: Blair Neighbors
Producer: Ryan Kohler
Production Manager: Bryson Pintard
1st AD: Shadie Elnashai
2nd AD: Roslyn Aronowitz
VTR: Bob Mills
Gaffer: Eric Ulbrich
Electric: Brandon Alperin & Derek Hoffman
Swing: Dimitri Andrade
Grips: Steve Dorman, Dan Conner & Andy Wilson
Production Design: Flower Cole
Art Director: Libby Wampler
Art Dept: Frank Camara, Marcy Silver, Lupe Sanchez & Reanna Fitzpatrick
Stylist: Aubrey Binzer
Stylist Asst: Jen Grable
Make Up SFX: Chris Mills
Make Up/Hair: Brenna Haukedahl & Maria Coria
Sound Mixer: Ayan Pratap
PAs: Mike Rutkowski, Matt Faigh & Wayne Wolfgram
Colorist - Trevor Durtschi


[bell rings]
Martin Dew: Look, I was Captain
Planet's biggest supporter
Martin Dew: when he hit the scene,
taking pollution down to
Martin Dew: zero, and all that, but
turning people into trees
Martin Dew: to help the environment.
Soon there will be no
Martin Dew: one left to enjoy it.
Demorge Brown: If you ask me, all of that
chlorophyll has gone to his head.
Martin Dew: I never thought I'd say
this, but he must be stopped.
Josh Fadem: Stopped? For what? He's
doing what needs to be done.
Jennie Pierson: A message came in
for you sir.
Martin Dew: Thank you.
Martin Dew: Make like a tree.
Martin Dew: Huh.
Martin Dew: That's all it says.
Josh Fadem: Captain Planet?
Don Cheadle: That's right.
Don Cheadle: The captain of this planet.
Remember that.
Josh Fadem: (laughs) Yeah. Oh
Captain my captain.
Josh Fadem: Ask my boy green top.
Ask my boy green top.
[Captain Planet fake laughs]
[nervous laughter]
Don Cheadle: So, that's what people
call me nowadays, huh?
Josh Fadem: No. No. That's
something I just came up
Josh Fadem: with off the top
of my head.
Don Cheadle: Oh, off the top of your
non-green top head.
Don Cheadle: Would you like to
be a green top?
Don Cheadle: You know what
else has green tops?
Don Cheadle: Trees.
Don Cheadle: Called leaves.
Don Cheadle: How about it?
Don Cheadle: Want to be a tree?
Don Cheadle: You got tree
envy, bitch?
Don Cheadle: You want to feel your
bones brittle like wood?
Don Cheadle: Feel your blood
turn to sap?
[music suddenly stops]
Don Cheadle: Ma-Ti, prune me.
Josh Fadem: He's fuckin' full of jokes.
[snipping sound]
Don Cheadle: Mmm.
Demorge Brown: Sir, I just want to say
that you have been doing
Demorge Brown: some amazing work with
the environment,
Demorge Brown: lately.
Don Cheadle: Well, thank you.
Demorge Brown: Tell me, when you shop
for produce at the super
Don Cheadle: market, you bring your
own natural canvas bags?
Don Cheadle: You don't go in
for that wack paper or
Don Cheadle: plastic right?
Demorge Brown: Uh, I mean, yeah.
Don Cheadle: So you shop for produce
at the super market
Don Cheadle: instead of your local,
green grocer.
Demorge Brown: Captain...
Don Cheadle: That's the problem
with you. You can't
Don Cheadle: see the forest for
the trees. Trap.
Don Cheadle: Zap.
Jennie Pierson: OW!
[laser beam]
[laser beam]
Josh Fadem: Go on, Captain Planet.
Just kill me, man.
Don Cheadle: Hmm. Fruits of my labor.
Don Cheadle: You trying to
burry me Ma-ti?
Efren Ramirez: No, Capitán.
Don Cheadle: You dirty, back stabbin'
son of a birch.
Efren Ramirez: I'm sorry.
Don Cheadle: Oh, you're gonna be.
Efren Ramirez: Noo!
Efren Ramirez: No!
Efren Ramirez: You have taken everything
from me, El Capitán:
Efren Ramirez: The Planeteers,
my freedom, mi familia,
Efren Ramirez: that monkey, but you'll
never, you'l never take
Efren Ramirez: my heart.
Don Cheadle: You know, that gives
me a good idea.
[heart beating]
Don Cheadle: His name was heart, and I
took out of his heart.
Don Cheadle: Kali ma shakti
de, mother fucker.