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August 12, 2012


dedek brother :
hey broder. what is that do you video game review
from has watched on youtube from in something has
video game longplay from. bangai-o on dreamcast is
your know has about is watch youtube on smart tv?.

broder sliok :
hey dedek what is that?. do you watched about fo
kids and mommy and daddy has go to the office you
has worked. do you has watching bangai-o on dreamcast.
i need cable internet from samsung smart television?.

dedek brother :
you not has watched bangai-o on dreamcast that
not this broder and kids has need do you mom and
dad where daughter and brother at the bedroom is?.

broder sliok :
you say dedek and broder. do you has watched movie
from on video on demand from satelite antena smart
television your cable internet from satelite internet you
watching has searching watching favorite horror movie!!!.

dedek brother :
hey broder not watching on video on demand has not
watching horror movie has this ohter video game you
has find internet on smart tv. where that remote tv?.

broder sliok :
you say has dedek you watched has no remote tv
i like with touch screen or motion screen in the of
smart tv has find internet. understand me!!!???