Clifford Crane Davenport IV. Fraternity Man. Legend. Ghost. Frat boys never say die.
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Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Director: Edd Benda
Writers: Charlie Scully & Gabe Worgaftik
Director of Photography: Craig Hung
Production Sound: Will McKim
Editor: AJ Serrano
Co-Editor: Edd Benda
Visual Effects: Aaron Rovner
Key Grip: AJ Serrano
Gaffer: JS Baron
Original Music: Brian Roach (Disco Pharaoh)
Theme Song: Curtis Moses Jr. (Trip Seven Music)
Producer: Charlie Scully
Producer: Gabe Worgaftik
Producer: Edd Benda
Executive Producer: Anna Wenger
Consulting Producer: Todd Grodnick
Production Assistants: Ace Hasan, Gideon Welles, Riley Flannigan
Frat Ghost: Nic Nac Nicotera
Frat Star: Evan Cohen
Brittany: Jessica Morali
Pledge Master: Chainsaw Rodriguez
Dumpster Pledge: Heath Kahn
Dean Andrews: Patrick Faucette
Judicial Board Member: Leah Priest
Judicial Board Member: Aaron Alcock
Chris Hickerson
Ben Gallant
Jeff Garoon
Soojin Yoon
Greg Schept
Dan Marshall
Kenny Legan
Jason Gomez
Emily O’Shea
Jordan Rhyner
Stephanie Spindler
Susan Oppen
Ryane Buttigieg
Christina Senesi
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Published July 01, 2011
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