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Published: April 15, 2013
jeremmy dangle :
hey. how are you doing. i can't play game.
year walk on iPad. there is a know that has
can't play game controller buttom this here.

james dangleren :
hey. jeremmy. how are you thing. has this
has borrow. to play game year walk or grand
theft auto. vice city on iPad.

teacher mans :
hey jeremmy and james. don't play game.

antonikid kanye :
the final episode. from to the has can't play
game iPad,iPhone,iPod and more. something
has do it. some where that in computer or to
video game console was not responing.

narrator :
antonigames responds aka antonikid responds.
wednesday. on youtube channel,dailymotion
channel,funny or die channel and vimeo channel.