Welcome back to The Laddies Show! Home of the Admiral himself playing the music he loves in his new band Admiral Ackbar's Cadets.

Full Credits

Created by Graam Liu
“Snackbar’s Cadets Part I” Written by Graam Liu
Producers and Supervising Writers (alphabetical order)
Jeremiah Bersche
Derek Fawaz
Graam Liu
Yuxing Xia
(in alphabetical order)
Immanuel Abraham – Cadet Violinist
Derek Fawaz – Disney Lawyer
Brian Kelley – Cadet Melodica Player
Graam Liu – Himself/ Pianist / Voice of Ackbar
Brian Smith – Cadet Clarinetist
Yuxing Xia – Admiral Ackbar
Directed by Ryan Burdick
First Assistant Director: Yuxing Xia
Second Assistant Director: Hans Muller
Director of Photography: Payton Halbeisen
Head Editor: Derek Fawaz
Supervising Editor: Graam Liu
Cameras (alphabetical order)
Payton Halbeisen
Lisa Kottler
Nicole Lagore
Sound Engineer: Brian Kelley
Marketing by Jeremiah Bersche
Star Wars Cantina Theme
(Laddies Productions exercises fair use)
Composed by John Williams
Arranged by Youtube User Keeper1st
Arranged for Admiral Ackbar’s Cadets by Graam Liu
Special Thanks
(alphabetical order)
Mary Lou Chipala
Leon Howard III
Peter Logan
Carrie Moore
Steven Simpson
Couzens Hall
SAC Department at the University of Michigan
The University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
Equipment provided by
Groundworks at the Digital Media Commons
Admiral Ackbar’s Costume Created by Ebay User: Triomiret
Shot in the Palmer Lounge in Couzens Hall, University of Michigan
Partially funded by the Alice Webber Glover Scholarship
Laddies Productions (All Rights Reserved)

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