The West Wing would be a very different show if it revolved around Donald Trump's White House.


- Let me be very clear,
I did not collude with Russia,
nor do I know of anyone else in the campaign who did so.
- I think if I'm understanding your question correctly,
the proficiency is if they've reached a...
- Everybody's trying to convert wishful thinking
into hard evidence.
There's no evidence of collusion.
- Someone sent me an email,
I can't help what someone sends me.
- The president in no way form or fashion
has ever promoted or encouraged violence,
if anything quite the contrary.
- (Donald Trump) Please don't be too nice.
- I formally resigned yesterday
and I think that things are gonna be run very well.
I'm doing great.
(Donald Trump) Grab 'em by the pu--
- I am shocked at you statement.
It reveals your cosmopolitan,
uh, bias,
to a shocking degree.
- My job as I see it Jake,
is that these people work with me
and I'm there to serve them.
(protestors yelling)
- I can be more presidential
than any president that's every held this office.
That I can tell you.